The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

January 24, 2008

(later this week) evidence from the large scanner

point-cloud into abject objects of desire, smeared pixels
and the conjuration of the true real organism

(earlier this week) evidence from the large scanner:

Azure Carter film noir templates for continuance of research
into the obscenity of the night

(David Askevold would have liked this; in a way the translucency of the digital 
and pristine quality of the analogic, that sort of thing, would have resonated. 
I remember the two of us scuttling down a barren coastal cliff, jagged rocks 
all the way, in the middle of a pitch-dark and stormy Nova Scotia winter night. 
We were recording a foghorn and its echoes, holding on for dear life. I can see 
the scanner images through an uncanny the memory of these soundings, which are 
with me here in West Virginia, a 35-year-old tape. I'd dedicate these works to 
him if that weren't such an absurd, meaningless gesture, especially in the face 
and body of death.)

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