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Date: Sat, 26 Jan 2008 12:08:42 +0000
From: Ruth Catlow <>
Subject: [NetBehaviour] digital artists handbook
To: NetBehaviour for networked distributed creativity
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A new and valuable resource: the Digital Artists Handbook, which is
now live at Folly believe the
Handbook  makes a serious contribution to free/libre open source
culture, and adds a crucial and empowering new perspective to media
arts.  The Handbook is ready to go public ? thanks to the sterling
work of its editors Aymeric Mansoux and Marloes De Valk of GOTO10. In
the collaborative spirit of the handbook, we would really love your
help in promoting it.

"In the next week, it would be great if you could blog it, link to
it, sell it (only figuratively speaking of course!), and promote it
far and wide. Tell your friends, your colleagues, and the people you
come into contact with that there's a new book for digital artists
that could potentially change their life, or at least their practice.
As part of a collaborative effort to promote the handbook, we?d love
you to link to us from your website and we?ve even created a handy
little button that you can use. Just visit http:// to view the code and the
Digital Artists Handbook button. We hope your website or blog will
wear the badge with pride, and of course in return we?d be delighted
to host a reciprocal link to your site or blog on the Digital Artists
Handbook site. Because the handbook hasn?t been launched so far
we?re not top of the search ratings for ?digital artists
handbook? yet, so anything you can do to link to and promote the
site would be highly appreciated. Do write to our Communications
Coordinator Matt Wootton at and let us know
what page of your own site you would like us to reciprocally link to."

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