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sorrowful the intervention of death

sorrowful the intervention of death
mournful community, the horizon continues briefly, then desolation
tears of martyrs of kenya, darfur, small witnessings in forests
sorrowful the finality, how i claw at death
how i cultivate my tiny death, caress my intervention
before you i am going, after you, following and the forests
and the forests and the imminent cliffs
how sorrowful they are

the first 4 are pieces for another cd

the next group are smallscanner modifications with artifacts, moving
towards the extremities of the software's ability to coalesce with
the dream of the real. the triangular protrusions are similar to the
catastrophic jumps visible in the motion capture videos.

here thom's semantics of catastrophe theory, his linguistic primitives,
are more than useful. code at the limits turns to prey.


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