The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

February 6, 2008

screams and cadence

listening to CB radio in Morgantown, the first, breaker2, is an odd
melange of screams and cries - filtered in breaker2filter. I imagine these
are taken from a film or produced in some audio program; they're frighten-
ing. the breaker1 is a sequence on channel 6 with the dead air edited out.
I'm fascinated by cadence and rhythm here. I'm working with 02 radio,
short-wave, scanning, vlf, low frequency, crystal, listening to anything I
can receive. our place is hampered by a location in a small hollow near
the middle of the town - too much interference from the power grid, not
enough radio visibility. On the other hand, the screams, if screams they
be, came through loud and clear.

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