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next stop imaginary

various below and hopefully the last 'spew' - the mocap equipment now has
extended possibilities; Nikuko's wandering simultaneously from above and
below. the keyword's interoperability, moving the newer technical bvh
files into poser and blender, reconfiguring blender sheave-skins in blen-
der, creating bundles of bvh files for distribution. we're searching for a
poetics of the interior with any means possible, Nikuko tells me important
things and these silent videos / images are both tawdry and fecund, their
making accompanied by numerous crashes, remaking old equipment, Azure
repeatedly modeling ballet slomo as the hd camera cranked in consort with
antiquated 486 and winnt computers. next stop imaginary, see the train

New Software

the motion capture software was rewritten to create other possibilities
than high-speed vibration - thanks to Gary Manes


analysis of avatar edge-phenomena in SL; all images from beneath Nikuko,
who inverts.

Outlands traintrip < industrial landscape.

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