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Extensions, Poetics of

The motion capture software has been modified; the 'extended' video multi-
plies angles by a fairly large factor; the 'tangent' videos substitute
tangents for sins which resulting jumps; the 'single' videos remap the
body onto a reconfigured software model using a 'wounded' model; and
'quarter' combines two duets; both David and Azure operated a single
outfit for each of the figures which were then combined (two bvh files
were used in the production). These behavior patternings are both closer
to 'human' behavior and more distant (they use greater and/ or infinite
'leaps' from position to position, reminiscent of catastrophe theory
modeling). I envision the behavior bvh files will be used in Second Life
performance; that they will form a library for choreography; and that they
will be made available in the near future to anyone who wants to upload
and experiment with them.

One interesting result with extended and tangent - the figure disappears
in the Poser universe, unless a camera is tethered to a particular body-
part. I'm unsure what will happen in Second Life, but I imagine the Nikuko
avatar/emanent will be rooted in the usual way, but will be completely out
of sight for the most part. This might lead to a 'broken choreography' in
which a dancer appears literally 'miles' outside the dance-space, although
rooted in it. And the appearance elsewhere is a kind of chimera of course;
within the dance-space it would exist only in an imaginary, anysign of the
true world, dark matter.

project: Alan Sondheim
programmer: Gary Manes
models: Azure Carter, David Bello

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