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February 21, 2008

Grim Barrier at Second Life

Avatar attempting break-in at Second Life barrier, without permission s/he
cannot enter through the barrier, and there is no permission for someone
who is not a member and may not want to become one or may not believe the
same things the members believe, so there is only one way to see what is
going on, and that is to break in, which is such a hopeless thing, the
poor avatar tries and tries at the gates of plenty and nothing seems to
work and it is very sad, this useless struggle in the face of overwhelming
odds as it seems that the entire world is against hir, even the weather
refuses to provide a pleasant day which would make the struggle a delight-
ful exercise, but now the brutal wind and cold unseasonable storm certain-
ly intervenes, we can only feel terrible sorry and pity for the trials and
vicissitudes of the unhappy avatar who pathetically tries forever in an
unthinking and unfeeling world passing her by with lives of fulfillment
and excitement s/he will never know,

true and false

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