The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

The smear

Foofwa d'Imobilite smeared across space-time.

A slow laser scanned to +/- 1-2 millimeters over seven static scenarios
and 9 minutes.

The outer shell represents the behavioral space set to something like
9 millimeters.

Bodies in space surrounded by symbolic fields in the true world. We have
worked hard to construct the imaginary of being-human.

The difference between an image and a diagram is syntax.

In these smears, the underlying syntax is both spewed and abject.
The skin of being human is replaced by an emanent shell. The image of
the true world is just beyond the space of the proscenium.

Later, I will awake and write about the phenomenology of all of these,
videos, photographs, constructs, miniaturization of pre-alpine spaces,
dances of exaltation and mourning.

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