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I like to believe I'm working on a frontier and all I can tell you is
what's on the normative side of things; the rest is yet to be seen,
unabsorbed. Once brought in from the Pale, it's of lesser interest, but
beyond the Pale there's nothing but the agony of shadows. Defuge takes
over and the frontier, always an imaginary, shudders and reconvenes.

The videos/choreographies exist between human and human - someone
was there making the original files with motion capture, and someone
is at the other end, watching and using them once again. The virtual
is a shadow of the real, the real is a shadow of the virtual, and
within the true world superimpositions, gestures, and the fading of
ontologies characterize what remains of the fixity of inscriptive
practices of the classical and modern ages.

(Images brought back, as in a search and destroy operation, nothing left
but the appearance of empty houses, in reality natural and uncanny forma-

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