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Retro-Reflector Commands

RPC Function 	Description

CL_CIL_SVC 	Illuminates retro-reflector with ZY laser
CL_CMEAS_SVC 	Requests that a ZY measure a retro-reflector
CL_COO_SVC 	Requests/sets ZY retro-reflector data
CL_NUM_SVC 	Requests/sets the number of retro-reflectors in a ZY's
scan list
CL_ORD_SVC 	Requests/sets the ZY's scan list order
CL_SCN_SVC 	Requests that a ZY start/stop or schedule/remove a scan

ZY/ZP Coordinate System Commands
RPC Function 	Description

CL_ALPHA_SVC 	Requests/sets the $\alpha$ angles of the mount
CL_BETA_SVC 	Requests/sets the ZP $\beta$ rotation correction angles
CL_BP_SVC 	Requests/sets the monument base position coordinates for a
CL_COORDINATES_SVC 	Requests the ZP mirror center coordinates
CL_EZ_SVC 	Requests/sets the ZP encoder offset values
CL_MO_SVC 	Requests/sets the ZP mirror offset values

Instrument Control
RPC Function 	Description

CL_AXIS_SVC 	Requests/sets state of axis amplifiers on ZY
CL_BYE_SVC 	Disconnects ZY from ZIY
CL_CONNECT_SVC 	Requests that the ZIY connect to a ZY
CL_INITZY_SVC 	Requests that a ZY re-initialize itself
CL_PS_SVC 	Requests/sets state of ZY power supplies
CL_RST_SVC 	Requests that a ZY's host perform a cold boot reset
CL_STW_SVC 	Requests the ZY status word
CL_VER_SVC 	Requests the version of a ZY's software

Data Acquisition
RPC Function 	Description

CL_CYC_SVC 	Requests/sets ZY cycle integration property
CL_IFF_SVC 	Requests/sets the Reference Frequency of a ZY
CL_SEQ_SVC 	Requests a sequence of measurements from a ZY
CL_SFQ_SVC 	Requests/sets the sampling frequency of a ZY A/D

Axis Control
RPC Function 	Description

CL_ABA_SVC 	Sets acceleration value on ZY axis controller
CL_ABV_SVC 	Sets velocity value on ZY axis controller
CL_ACP_SVC 	Requests actual position of ZY axis controller
CL_AXS_SVC 	Requests the status word for a ZY axis controller
CL_DSP_SVC 	Requests the desired position of a ZY axis controller
CL_ERL_SVC 	Requests/sets the Error Limit on a ZY axis controller
CL_FHM_SVC 	Requests that a ZY axis controller ``home'' an encoder
CL_FIL_SVC 	Requests/sets the PID Integration Limit of a ZY axis
CL_FKD_SVC 	Requests/sets the PID Derivative value of a ZY axis
CL_FKI_SVC 	Requests/sets the PID Integration value of a ZY axis
CL_FKP_SVC 	Requests/sets the PID Proportional value of a ZY axis
CL_FLT_SVC 	Requests/sets all the PID parameters of a ZY axis
CL_FSI_SVC 	Requests/sets the LM628 Derivative Sampling Interval
CL_IDX_SVC 	Requests the index register reading of a ZY axis
CL_RDS_SVC 	Requests the Integration Sum of a ZY axis controller
CL_VHM_SVC 	Requests that a ZY's axis controller verify its home

ZIY Commands
RPC Function 	Description

GETCLIENTS_SVC 	Requests a list of all client sub-systems on the ZIY
LOG_SVC 	Place a message in the ZIY's log system
WEATHER_SVC 	Requests the latest weather station readings
ZIYREGISTER_CALLBACK 	Register a callback RPC server with the ZIY

* This spring we'll head to the NRQZ, National Radio Quiet Zone, for VLF

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