The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

Roiling encounters and reminder of Millennium show forthcoming.

Stories are constructed from narrative tropes, here reduced to the minimum
as policehamscanner tends towards gaps in transmission, bandwidth skit-

Who should find the fourteen-year-old boy, the burning apartment intact or
thrummed into oblivion, defuge of l.a., hostage, I remain at my desk,
there is one encounter, and for that as for many other,s, for example that
of a stranger in the city, I hear no end of it, nothing coming forth, no
glued to transmission reception, I will be your transitive, I will pass on
among ye, I will pass before and behind thee, I will pass within thee, I
will pass without thee, and that which I convey I have already forgotten,
I am yaw to your mind, larboard to your starboard.

Who will be that one awaiting completion, who will signify the order of
completing, awaiting the completing, passing swiftly by?

Reminder: A screening of work at Millennium, 66 East Fourth Street, 8
p.m., Saturday March 15, of work pertaining to these and other emanents
generated and roiled among machines of transmission, filtering, reception,
with due explanation, a beautiful evening promised for one and all. Please
come if you are in the neighborhood of Manhattan, and thank you, we will
be more entertaining than policescanner and perhaps more musical

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