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March 14, 2008

true world newsreel

The newsreel of part-objects, snippets of radio communication as heard,
stuttered stories which remain incomplete, deferred, a call for help from
a vessel, things burning, missing, people with guns, raptures, misrecogni-
tions, what makes the night go faster in Brooklyn New York and everywhere.
This is the truth of cinema, raw-fed documentary. If there were a narrato-
logical ground, this would be it; if there were recuperation, this would
be the initial stages of constitution. Everything defers to raw data,
which, by a circuitous route, announces itself, establishes sequencing by
repetition. Every inscription is unique, of a sort or type, typed. The
lexicon of events is narrow. Listening reveals nothing but whispers that
there is nothing to be revealed, or what is present is of revelation. What
remains to be said or inscribed is the coagulation of culture. Every
culture has a theory sifting coagulation; such a theory is culture. There
is no gainsaying this, no way to make headway, no events; there is voice.


how did we get here
we've been
all along

now getting
along in years
distances that seemed surmountable
become unbridgeable chasms

up in years

on this side we
watch from
the other
separations stretch and break

not here, not there
i can't look
everywhere for you

i'm growing apart from
they're separating


this peak

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