The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

March 20, 2008


I'm going nowhere, but I'm going straight.
There's a bridge ahead, what if I go right?
What if I go left, there's a bridge ahead.
The bridge vectors the world, what if it's 3-d?
What if something's underneath, dark woods and trolls?
Or picture of dark woods or wandering, I'm too wandering.
Everything's washed away, my tongue's cut out.
I can't take this picture and I took this picture.
I can't take it anywhere, I'm going nowhere.
MY PATH IS LIKE A TWIG. I'm Hyperion and you are too.
There's nothing in the stream between one fork and another.
But the earth, the earth.

Years ago I wrote how stupid I was. Stupid stupid stupid.
Isn't this proof, do you need any more?
MY PATH IS LIKE A BROKEN TWIG. It's on the road somewhere.

I can't even end this.

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