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story and images for today

< images from today's work with new media class,
Azure Carter, Gary Manes
we're beginning to 'pack' these (these are point-sets)
narratives emerge out the other end
punctum in points, swirl-objects emptied of substance: the grid >

{but what sort of narratives? one can comic-strip images; if the tableau
is 3-d, an .obj file is apropos, Blender or other viewer. think of moving
around a static landscape, everything literally still-born.

people move within a scanning field, hold poses or continue on. events are
transformed by an absence of disappearance, only transformations of view-
point. everything is there, just as one might have planned, frozen moments
at the end of the universe.

events are collapsed, as if they're time sliced, 4 into 3 into 2-d, then
everything unravels at the other end, it's up to you, bring in the soft-
ware, I'll supply the objects. then you might explore something stolid,
interactive by its very nature, you come in wherever you want, leave
whenever. now I must retire, Jezebel's on television, moving about in a
very limited area, and I'm breathless.}

[I am the master of the stolid still-born narrative, master of the dead
skin sheave-skin emanent. I make fake and I make fake real. fine me, don't
mind me; I wryte the stories into dead-space.]

(please view at 1/1; otherwise you might get moire patterns, or at least
an unwanted thickening, pixels clambering on pixels, no space left
anywhere. for .obj/.mtl, try Blender,

first and last story < people of the solid world >

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