The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

March 25, 2008

Birthing Homedance, Cross My Heart

Here is the plain description:
*Birthing: male with part-objects of female/birthing attached in anomalous
Freudo-Lacanian space. The shudder, chiaroscuro. With sound. Continuous
birthing with the weight of ruins of things.
*Homedance: male in silent homespace in two parts, first sine, second
tangent. Movement of home is the heart of the male. The home is detached,
Here is a moral: Home, habitus, is an illusion; everything is on the verge
or lip of decathecting. And movement as well is an illusion occasioned by
the hip rooted in camera-vision.
*Crossmyheart: Female with the weight of shattered truth, an illusory
enclosure which topologically transforms according to space and behavior.
Here is the theoretical move:
That of narrative moments which "breathe" without development, mise en
scene or landscape of portents, portals, disturbed behavioral filters
seduced by part-objects and the uncanny.

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