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another world

something burnishes and cuts through the iron world. something rusts.
something grapples with something else. serrated edges grasp something.
something topples and falls with a sound. something skitters to a stop.
something plummets to the ground. something slips out from something.
something stops something moving. something rises. something breaks
something else. something shudders to a halt. something grinds to a halt.
something wobbles. something is held in place. something crumbles.
something cracks. something fissures. something rolls against something.
something is turned over. something turns around. something stops moving.
something grapples with something. something crawls up. something sinks.
something dries out. something is carried somewhere. something glistens.
something is wet. something bakes in the heat. something freezes in the

something burnishes and cuts through the iron world. rusts. grapples with
else. serrated edges grasp something. topples falls a sound. skitters to
stop. plummets ground. slips out from stops moving. rises. breaks shudders
halt. grinds wobbles. is held in place. crumbles. cracks. fissures. rolls
against turned over. turns around. crawls up. sinks. dries out. carried
somewhere. glistens. wet. bakes heat. freezes cold.

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