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March 30, 2008

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Subject: kilometrix in cairo on youtube!!

partagez! spread it around!

Foofwa in Cairo - Kilometrix performance


Foofwa d'Imobilit�
Neopostist Ahrrrt
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"The most important analogy of all is that of affiliation: the candidate
should affiliate his body, speech, and mind with the Body, Speech, and
Mind of the Buddha, called the three mysteries. According to Mkhas grub
rje, it is this affiliation which establishes the superiority of the
Diamond Vehicle (the Tantras) over non-tantric Buddhism. One affiliates
his body by gesture (mudra), his speech by incantation (mantra) and his
mind by deep concentration (samadhi). Mkhas grub rje's Fundamentals...
states, 'In the Kriya and Carya (Tantras) one intensely contemplates the
body as Great Seal (mahamudra), speech as Incantation (mantra), and mind
as Reality (tattva). This is the 'Quick Path' because all avenues of the
being are operating for a common goal: the body, speech, and mind are not
working at cross purposes.

In such a case, we might say of body, speech, and mind, what Arya-Sura
wrote in his Jataka-mala in description of King Sihi (but in his case
meaning the three types, kama, artha, and dharma). [...]

'In him all forms having multitudes of virtues consistent with the three
types appeared with common residence as though from merger of rivalries,
and they had no loss of brilliance due to opposition and commotion.'

In Hinduism it is believed that these three types when in harmony yield
the fourth one, liberation (maksa)."

(Alex Wayman, Yoga of the Guhyasamajatantra, The Arcane Lore of Forty
Verses, A Buddhist Tantra Commentary, Motilal Banardsidass, 1990.)

(perhaps unlike software/programming) in my work, there are no errors,
only creative commotion on the lip, edge, or brink; there are repertoire
extensions to be sure; analogy dissolves; commotion is brilliance; what
dissolves is nothing whatsoever; what's left is nothing whatsoever; in the
airless realm; in the unintended or intentionless realm; in the true world
and the breaking of intention and the intended; in annihilation already
foregone or future anterior; in the blank of the afterthought of the alpha
channel; in mind noh-mind no-mind; in mindless speechless air; in no-body.

(i am full of myself; full of air; i suffocate; therefore i am air.)

In the news today - sounds recorded around 1860 and slightly earlier - go 
to - this predates Edison.

- Alan

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