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'There is no jewel in this world so great as the Svadhisthana,
if purified by the Clear Light like a gem cleansed by fire.'

(trans. Waxman, 'Svadhisthana' - Illusory Body)

Buddha is virtual particle. Buddha crawls out from delete file rc.folders file; 
Buddha disappears. Buddha tells me uncanny brilliance. Buddha watch someone 
tries gathering Buddha pieces. From under delete file. Pieces of someone 
gathering. Pieces of delete files. From someone trying to put together. From 
someone broken. Who are that someone broken. Bachi and moktak images pure 
substance. Of back hypnagogic mind. Of smashed history. Someone broken memory. 
Marks where were vowels. Of what some vowels. Of what words. What language. Bu 
ub bu ub bu ub. One side. Another. Of side gathering illusion body. Of surface 
volume. Of open closed. Appearance of cymbal sound. Of brain holding kindness 
stroke. Of mind fleeing brain. Of brain-flight mind. Mind disappear. Samsara 
broken. Of the disappearance of mind, the lotus. Of the disappearance of 
samsara, the lotus. Of the lotus, broken memory. Bu ub bu ub bu ub. Of 
generation. Completion.

bachi, moktak, cymbal

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