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lynx: Can't access startfile
You can.
m / 0 / f with transplant emanent f / 0 / m
too many solitary figures
fantasy of masturbation accessing the imaginary
transplant emanent with body fragments replaced
transplant emanent = sex-maschine = inaccessible
sex-machine = nothing

Vishuddi Magga vi:

And then, when any such bits of it as head hairs, body hairs, nails, 
teeth, spittle, snot, excrement or urine have dropped off the body, beings 
will not touch them; they are ashamed, humiliated, and disgusted. But as 
long as any one of these things remains in it, though it is just as 
repulsive, they take it as agreeable, desirable, permanent, pleasant, 
self, because they are wrapped in the murk of ignorance and dyed with 
affection and greed for self. (trans. Bhikkhu Nanamoli)

A proof of this is the fact that when any part of the body becomes 
detached, as, for instance, the hair of the head, hair of the body, nails, 
teeth, phlegm, snot, faeces, or urine, people are unwilling so much as to 
touch it, and are distressed at, and ashamed of, and loathe it. But in 
respect of what remains, though that is likewise repulsive, yet men are so 
wrapped in blindness and infatuated by a passionate fondness for their own 
selves, that they believe it to be something desirable, lovely, lasting, 
pleasant, and an Ego. (trans. Henry Clarke Warren)


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