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First Session

- codework not programmed with a computer no longer turing machinemachine
dissemination concept be might useful for talking about distributed
computing and networkingnetworking universality. of embedded universality
in the the- 2 types writing programming or already code existing using
existingof is machine something you can buy machinic non-machinic take
terms practices more coding nuanced could view what ought to ripping
things out context / technology -- important practical reasons maintain
info where And it finally, has whether essential limits not, entire Assume
distinct Derrida, Grammatology, corrected ed. Every system constructs Kate
Hales, as cultural practice Writing applied grammatology arguable
mezangell addresses any sense real field covered by large-scale systems
designed perform from have linkage. different motivation generative
happening culturally well (mashup culture) inscription, we're quite there
incorporating elements many other places legacy software machines we mez
speaks heart mind codework? note 7 long attribution done coding?
particularly poet enacts language admits range possible treatments prgrams
restriction tool suddenly human culture starts acting ways cybernetic
program will writing. come yet

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