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Sensors arranged in a random pattern on the floor. A heavy magnet is
passed over them; there is no other movement. In these (6 condensed)
experiments the result is the usual vibrating. The movements could be
decoded to some extent, indicating the relative positions of the magnet
and sensors. Eventually the sensors will be placed in the standard body
pattern, held in position with a card or foam surface, and the magnet
again moved over the configuration. The result this time should be a
mapping of the field as it intersects the body pattern, a mapping both
useful as a tool for field visualization, and for modeling a 'force'
moving upon a human being, for example wind or water, but with a source
re/coding/filtering the body, held of course supine

under the greatest anguish or ecstatic exaltation

Anything might be represented in this manner. The world's parameters
devolve upon or within the body; the body bends for data, bends for

The body, the body, the body, the body, the body.

The filtering is double-filtering, standard, or tangent substitution in
the last section of the video. The last section in particular presents a
repetitive sweeping of the body a nice piece of unusual music

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