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Please note I will send out only once a week; at this point I don't think
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recognize I'm writing to myself here. Come to the gig below. - Alan, bad
health. For God's sakes help support Tom Clark if you can.

Gig announcement:

Fire Museum Records presents:

The Fire Museum Records/Majmua Music Label Showcase!

Balcony @ The Trocadero
1003 Arch Street, Philadelphia
Monday, April 21st 10PM


Alan Sondheim

Dora Bleu

George Korein

Eric Carbonara

Aditi Tahiti

Fire Museum Records proudly presents the Fire Museum Records/Majmua
Music label showcase. The evening begins with two artists whom have
releases slated for release on Majmua Music. First up, vocalist &
harmonium player Aditi Tahiti (joined this evening by Nasrudra on
saxophone) sets the scene, performing music influenced by her
upcoming release The Time Canvas (to be released later this year) and
more. Recently relocated to New York, this will be Aditi's first
performance in Philadelphia.

Up next, Philadelphia's own Eric Carbonara has been winning rave
reviews for his solo acoustic guitar music as heard on Exodus
Bulldornadius (Locust Music). Carbonara's playing draws on the rich
musical styles from Andalusian Roma-Flamenco to Hindustani & North
African folk to form a kind of exalted pidgin style of playing that
covers a wide emotional terrain from meditative calm to restless
unease. Eric is also a member of the Psychedelic rock group Soft
People; his release on Majmua Music is slated for later this year.

George Korein has developed a reputation in the Philadelphia musical
underground for being a true musical iconoclast. A frequent
collaborator with Charles Cohen, Alex Nagle, Jesse Krakow and many
others, George also produced and provided electronics on Helena
Espvall's (of Espers) solo cd Nimis & Arx. Moving from no-wave moods
to textured noise works to improvisation and catchy pop moments
(sometimes in the course of the same song), we can't guarantee that
George's set will resemble at all the sounds to be found on Another
Corpse, which is the debut release on Majmua Music.

Hailing from Montreal, Dora Bleu is the latest group led by Dorothy
Geller, previously of From Quagmire (VHF Records) and Laconic Chamber
(Camera Obscura). Her music can be considered "of folk" while not
referencing traditional folk forms, anchored by a very explicative
voice and guitar playing with an accompaniment that is alternatively
unified song form or seemingly improvised depending on what is
required in the moment. For this tour Dorothy is working with some of
the brightest lights in the Montreal experimental music scene: Sam
Shalabi (Shalabi Effect, etc) on electric guitar, Alex St. Onge (Et
Sans, etc) on upright bass, and Gordon Allen on trumpet. The (Axa
Hour of) Dora Bleu release Clones of Eros is available on Fire Museum

Alan Sondheim is perhaps best known in musical circles for his pair
of recordings on the legendary ESP Disk label, but his first
recording, The Songs was released on Riverboat Records in 1967 (and
has been reissued on Fire Museum Records). The multi instrumentalist
returned with his first proper release of new recordings in almost 20
years with the release of Skin/n in 2006 on Fire Museum Records. This
recording of solo guitar and alpine zither pieces was highly
acclaimed, earning the following accolade from The Wire Magazine:
"(T)he music evokes an ethnographic hybrid of countless string
instrument traditions, from koto to bluegrass, vigorously wiping past
idiomatic technique as it does so. As a rough equivalent, you'd do
equally well to imagine either David Fair or Derek Bailey punking out
in imitation of Robbie Basho. The results are so compellingly
idiosyncratic that any number of newly bearded Americans and brazen
improv festival tryhards pale as extremely corny in compa
  rison." Appearing in Philadelphia for the first time, this year will
also see the release of "Boojum", a recording of experimental lounge

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