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From the Secret Cluster

I that in Heill was and gladness
Am trublit now with great sickness
And feblit with infirmitie:--
  _Timor Mortis conturbat me._

(William Dunbar)

There are files below. I have outworn my welcome. If you have limited
time, read the texts, look at any 3-4 of the still images, check the
video. The sound is quite beautiful, but it is unnecessary. In general I
put up the most recent text file, in this case pq.txt as it develops; the
newer material is at the bottom, unlike a blog. But it is all here.

From the Secret Cluster

Legacy as these machines transmit in less than a second more than I can
write in a lifetime.

Everything and nothing is there; code transmutes through sound and an
analogic process of integration within which the constant C ensures that
nothing is interpretable.

Legacy as my code disappears through miasma.
Legacy through corruption of code.

The sounds turn out to be modem-based; there are new recordings directly
opposite the cluster room, against the locked doors and various security

Science 29 February 2008, 1209, Seth Lloyd, Quantum Information Matters:
"One bit corresponds to an amount of entropy equal to kH times the loga-
rithm of 2. Planck's paper established that th euniverse was, at bottom,
digital." Then abjection = abjection at the limit of the digital; analog
is that uneasiness of substance riding on the digital, denying it within
the imaginary / uncanny. Or rather the analog is that smearing of wave
phenomena corroding the digital. Or... The article is fundamental; check
it out. "The fact that simulating the entire universe requires a quantum
computer as big as the universe should not stand in our way!"

These are true tones of the cluster, recording done in single conversion
sw/vhf/uhf analog receiver.

Azure Carter and Alan Sondheim literally inside the Immersadesk virtual 3d
projection machine.

Kira Sedlock, Cathedral State Forest, Alan Sondheim badly played on rare
piccolo recorder. A waltz gone awry among Illumination.

Since for the Death remeid is none,
Best is that we for Death dispone,
After our death that live may we:--
  _Timor Mortis conturbat me._

(William Dunbar)

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