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(world history)
blazed and glazed
brazed and grazed
lazed and razed

gestures of symbolic liberty

stabilization of fissure in bell-metal substance (see below)

broken dreams of avatar reconstructions

sportplay motion and nervous studies play gif series

video text for ny reading i'm not attending (eye and foot problems)

Of bodies chang'd to other shapes I sing.
Assist, you Gods (from you these changes spring)
And, from the Worlds first fabrick to these times,
Deduce my never-discontinued Rymes.
(from Ovid's Metamorphosis Englished, Mythologized and Represented
in Figures, George Sandys, 1632)

The hierarchical organization of sheave-skin contrasts with emergent
confluence of aggregates; organisms respond across organisms, skin;
sheave-skin responds within the aegis of purified control. There's no
place for the soul within the latter, placement but no confluence in the
former. The digital tends towards clarification, differentiation, of the
analog smear; the analog tends towards confluent intentionality. The
abject inheres in the digital; abjection drives the flower and green fuse.
It's a jumble because it coheres as jumble; what jumble does is splits,
fissures, falls, tilts, kilters. What jumble does is decision, none at all
as if there were nothing there, emptied of decision making: decisioning,
nothing made.

It's necessary to be clear about the unclear, only to the extent of the
evanescence of the mist.

Read Francisco J. Varela, Ethical Know-How, Action, Wisom, and Cognition -
think of mobile assemblages

in the grips of the true world

from one scale to another, from human to true world, from mind to emanent.
entities are present within the true world filtered through the history of
ties, around emanents and 'true worlds,' around edge phenomena

distorted worlding, 'bringing one out of the true world' (etc.) what con-
stitutes the true world? worlding? 'true world' in which lines/angles are
'trued' (affine geometry), 'true world' in the sense of 'trued' phen omen-
ologies within which reflects real unclarity, the house of the world,
transforming the world and the true world into praxis and real difference.
and there's truth to this. least, when the true world is considered, em-
anent and organism are intermingled, interpenetrated, within them, they
are true-world true world?

carnated/carnal/knowledge - we could begin by introducing the true world,
primordial, in other words backgrounding. in this sense, the true world is
materialist; how the limits of my body within the true world are the
limits of my world; thought and the true world are based on extrapolation
- the gestural - from conglomerations, inherings, coherings among discrete
and analog, abject.

  how are these constituted within the true world (another metaphor?)?
language is clothed, associated with the true world. nevertheless both
inhabit the true world, mind inhabits both, albeit often virtual within,
inhering to the true world. striated, variegated, constructed, both
thinging and orgasm, wryting into the body of the true world, wryting

  what constitutes the true world? worlding?

  'true world' in which lines/angles are 'trued' (affine geometry),

  'true world' in the sense of 'trued' phenomenologies within which all
worlds are not true worlds, all true worlds are worlding. ikonic signs
inhere within the true world, reading bodies (organisms, emanents, approp-
riated, misappropriated) are ikonic. true world - the body standing land-
scapes of decoding, tendencies and tending of the true world sending
thick-skins, true world of inhering/cohering skins. it is not communality
(nothing is accountable). the 'worldview' stemming from the true world is
symbol, index, chora, self, selving, others, worlds, worlding, world, just
as anything in the true world replaces anysign - the poetics of the true
world, all this skittering, dark matter. messy, inhering, worlding within.
we can't stop now, bodies in space surrounded by symbolic fields, field-
ing, motilities, evanescences, emptiness. we have the true world just
beyond the space of the proscenium, meaning. but then, the shell ... yes,
what we call ghosts are only these slid the real, the real is a shadow of
the virtual, and within the true world messay, future genres which seeping
into one another, true world of emanents and anysign where we're living,
breathing, writing and strange, out there, within, structure paralleling
our own. true world is the mattering/nattering to and among us, and we
have to mess airless realm, the unintended or intentionless realm, in the
true world realm, insertion in other words, an reading as a is identical
to a. let's think of this in the true world, as simultaneously messay and
true world and here, in other anysigns, or none, nothing, no sign at all,
or, inclusive, signlessness.

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