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April 29, 2008

imaginary world

imaginary world inhabits true world. true world is neither true nor false
(nor much of anything). think:

competing neural regimes < self/I > < discrete representations > data-

or beginning with neural flux (within which the discrete emerges): neural
regimes collapse (think of catastrophe theory short-cuts)

what is the I but linguistic shifter/generator (therefore one might say
_the_ linguistic shifter): here's your coagulation, assignment, direct
address (think of direct address as proper name or natural kind). what
emerges from the buzz of the world: discrete representations, _as if_
coagulations from the O/other side. what is absent: the buzz, neural
networking/phase transitions (quantum on up) producing information vis-
a-vis the _subject_ (I as subject, subjected-to).

collapse is to the discrete, intensification, as if essence were culled.
the buzz tends always on the far or lower side towards decay, corrosion,
defuge, subject, subjected-to abjection. on the upper side, discretion,
competition, processes surfacing when necessary, pulled from or by the
buzz - buzz equivalent to the superstructure of the world.

the true world appears with the removal of the lens from the eye and the
subsequent temporal split, redefined as inscription. or not.

consider the  < self/I > < discrete representations > as the _waist_ of
the buzz - any narrower and the system (channel, spew, flux) collapses.
think of < self/I/discrete representations > as _body._ then perhaps
neural regimes < body > data-substance. it is not too far an extension:

< < neural regimes / body > < body / data-substance > >; since this is
metaphor, not mathesis, it bifurcates into two models:

a. < neural regimes / body / data-substance > (within which body includes
an imaginary> and

b. < neural regimes / data-substance > (mixed epistemologies/ontologies of
true world inscriptive processes, demateriality, emphasis on gestural
logics, emptiness).

thus materiality is the available technology of true world. materiality
occurs within the waist: this is the 'level' or holon of every-day life.

[ 'true world' is misnomer: it implies duality, rectitude, the purity of
'the fragility of good things,' ration, logic, ratio. misnomer: it implies
world, totality, absolute, one, monad, null, emptiness, range, closed
manifold, language, planet. misnomer: 'it' referencing the discontinuity
of the phrase, seepage, placement, shifter, particle, production. 'true
world' is placeholder under erasure, sentence-space. 'true world' is
neither true nor world, full or empty, fecundity or emptiness, creation or
annihilation, creativity or death, negation. 'true world' is neither
neitherness nor neither-both-a-and-b, i.e. sheffer-stroke and its dual.
'true world' however does not inhabit or draw forth negation. what a
mixture of writing and substance, virtual space and time, abject plasma,
inconceivable corrosion, loss of bodies, inscribed and uninscribed
slaughters turned around, inverted, con-figuration, cul-location. 'true
world' is the flattened world, defuge, what happens after after hours
happens all the time. ]

( 'true world': find another phrase. ) for new images of interest

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