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liquidity, independence, of the eye
the eye is uncanny blinded by its own site
it sees through itself, an avatar or emanent

"Mr. Johnson is a man of a most dreadful appearance. He is a very big man,
is troubled with sore eyes, the palsy, and the king's evil. He is very
slovenly in his dress and speaks with a most uncouth voice. Yet his great
knowledge and strength of expression command vast respect and render him
very excellent company." (Boswell, meeting Johnson.) The afterimage of the
lines turns sallow, jaundiced, the page fades. The eye searches hopelessly
for its interior. The true world is blind, blunt, blanked. Vision splays
itself in the simulacrum of sight. No one will read this and soon I will
not (i.e. no longer be able to). If not One, then an Other. Other is
defined by impenetrable supplement, some might say, a Thing [Kristeva for
example]. What the eye sees when it is visible, what the eye sees when it
is no longer visible.


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