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Flesh of the world -- Flesh of the body -- Being
                                                              May, 1960

  _Flesh of the world,_ described (apropos of time, space, movement) as
segregation, dimensionality, continuation, latency, encroachment -- --
Then interrogate once again these phenomena-questions: they refer us to
the perceiving-perceived _Einfuhlung,_ for they mean that we are already
_in_ the being thus described, that we _are of it,_ that between it and us
there is _Einfuhlung_
  That means that my body is made of the same flesh as the world (it is a
perceived), and moreover that this flesh of my body is shared by the
world, the world _reflects_ it, encroaches upon it and it encroaches upon
the world (the felt [_senti_] at the same time the culmination of subject-
ivity and the culmination of materiality), they are in a relation of
transgression or of overlapping -- -- This also means: my body is not only
one perceived among others, it is the measurant (_measurant_) of all,
_Nullpunkt_ of all the dimensions of the world.


  The _touching itself, seeing itself_ of the body is itself to be under-
stood in terms of what we said of the seeing and the visible, the touching
and the touchable.  Ie. it is not an act, it is a being at (etre a).

- Merleau-Ponty, The Visible and the Invisible, from the Working Notes

of there to here as not both here and here, neither here nor here -- --
"my body is made of the same flesh as the world" - incipient accumulative
processes, no differing among real and virtual, prim and corporeality,
tissue and organ -- emanent life, emanent living --

(clearly these speak to my recent work/theory, and thanks to Sandy Baldwin
for sending me to the book)

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