The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

Travis and Julu and Jennifer and Travis and Nikuko and Jennifer and Julu
and Nikuko

convulsions riding doubled figured churned through girl girl fields
through boy girl fields
through girl boy fields
through girl girl girl and boy
through girl and boy girl girl and fields

Travis and Julu
Jennifer and Travis
Nikuko and Jennifer
Julu and Nikuko

everyone a multiplicity, here's a community for you: internal, what goes
on outside the heart or cocoon is ruined, is nourishment, sustenance left
alone. jennifer conforms to travis, nikuko and julu inhabit travis, travis
is blind in one eye, lame in one foot, stumbles, churns, girls girls girls
girls, now we're inside all of them, they don't breath, they're in vacuum,
they're running the show, they are the show. analog and digital meat
sutured by the abject, digital flees, analog embraces, there's a smell
about them, you listen to the scent, hearing's left to you above the well
of tinnitus.

digital doesn't flee, digital is fled, we're sorry about forces beyond our
control. analog curdles, digital extrudes; analog corrodes, digital
cleans, analog says

analog says travis and julu are used up
analog says jennifer and nikuko are used up
digital says travis and nikuko are hyperrealisms
digital says jennifer and julu are hyperrealisms

(laughtrack: analog says bite me, digital says byte me)

Nikuko and Travis: We're used and abused.
Nikuko and Travis: We love it. Look, sores. Look, wounds, scars, tattoos.
Jennifer and Julu: We're clean. We wash our cocks. We wash our cunts.
Jennifer and Julu: Look, shiny prims, texture-maps, clean all the way

Nikuko and Travis beg Jennifer and Julu to abuse them.
Jennifer and Julu control Nikuko and Travis. They say:

Jennifer and Julu: Clean yourselves, you dirty boys!
Jennifer and Julu: Clean yourselves, you dirty girls!

Travis: We're boys, boys, boys, boys, boys.
Nikuko and Jennifer and Julu: We're girls, girls, girls, girls, girls.

digital, analog dancing inside it. i, alan sondheim, wrote them. i, alan
sondheim, told them to do it. i told them to do this and that. i told them
to keep their eyes and ears shut. i told them to look elsewhere, hear
nothing, see nothing. i told them they smelled. i told them they had to
smell, had to smell as hard as possible, had to leave trails, had to leave
dampness, had to be moist, wet up there, wet down there. they said, they
said, nothing but dryness, nothing stays wet, we're in vacuum, you can't
hear us, you can hardly see us.

(laughtrack: i said listen, they said glisten)

now we will go for a swim says jennifer, i will wet myself and swim inside
myself. now i will swim in you says travis, look you are all wet. now we
move just like one, just like another, just like another. oh i forgot says
nikuko, julu is our other, julu is our other mother, no says julu, travis
is our other mother, no no says travis. no says nikuko, jennifer is our
other mother, no says jennifer, nikuko is our other travis, no says julu,
jennifer is our other nikuko, and we will play here

we will play where no one comes no one bothers, no one bothers to come, no
one bothers us. we are all wet up there and down there, before there and
beyond there, up here and down here, beyond here and before here, and to
the sides, yes says jennifer, to the sides also, yes says travis, to the
sides as well.

we will talk and we will say hello hello, we are very tiny
we will say hello hello hello, we will live forever
we will say hello, we are very tiny and we will live forever


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