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A Long and Wonderful Play of Plays

JULU: Excellent. And this is what I want you to do, Alan -
VYSHINSKY: Tell us the nature of your wrecking activities.
ZUBAREV: When I was working in the seed cultivation department --
Alan: This is excellent, and I will do my very best.
VYSHINSKY: What was the nature of your criminal activities?
ZUBAREV: Here my criminal activities consisted first of all in wrong.
Jennifer: I am learning so very hard here.
All three together: This is wonderful!
VYSHINSKY: How matters stood with butter, this is of interest to me.
ZELENSKY: We don't sell butter in the rural districts.
VYSHINSKY: I am not asking you what you sell. You were above all.
Alan: I see how this goes. This is amazing. They have been found out!
LEVIN: ...Gorky loved fire, flames, and we made use of this.
Julu: Oh oh, that is so awful! This is such an awful thing!
THE PRESIDENT: As regards wrecking work, it was necessary.
RYKOV: Even more than that!
Jennifer: Oh! Oh! Oh! Attacks from every side!
Nikuko: Oh! Woe! Attacks from within and without!
KRESTINSKY: ...Further Trotsky developed the idea of necessity!
Julu: Oh dearest us! How awful is Trotsky! Something must be done and now!
KAKAZOV: ... I stand before you, as the murderer!
Alan: Oh curses on Kakazov for his perfidious crime!
All: Oh we are saved from the wrecking and saboteurs of our country!
Nikuko: This is a wonderful play, Ladies and Gentlemen.
KIM IL SUNG: Hello, I am a member of the audience and I am very happy.
Jennifer: But oh Great Leader, what is to be done?
KIM IL SUNG: Hello, Our Party will fight against Right and 'Left'!
Julu: Oh that is so good, we will drag down the renegades!

JENNIFER: I beg pardon for the horrible crimes I have committed!
JULU: I am of course alive, Jennifer, what ever are you talking about?
JENNIFER: Julu's corpse is here before us: Poor, poor Julu, my misery!
JULU: Jennifer, will you stop that? This is silly!
JENNIFER: My guilt is aggravated...
JULU: Please, Jennifer, come with me! This is getting ridiculous!
JENNIFER: Disgraced, thrown in the dust, leaving life...
JULU: You have gone mad! You have been reading too many novels!
JENNIFER: Years weigh heavily on me with the nightmare of the crimes...
THE COURT: Jennifer, in the name of the commission duly entrusted --
PRESIDENT: You're going to die!
JENNIFER: I'll kill you!

ALAN: Look I'm fucking myself.
JULU: I'll fuck anyone I want to.
NIKUKO: I won't be fucked by anyone.
PRESIDENT: I've killed Jennifer!
ALAN: Look, I'm fucking myself.
JULU: I'll kill both of you.
NIKUKO: I'll kill all three.
PRESIDENT: You're going to die.
JENNIFER: I'll kill you.
ALAN: Look I'm fucking myself.
JULU: I'll fuck anyone I want to.
NIKUKO: I won't be fucked by anyone.
PRESIDENT: This is what I mean.
JENNIFER: I'll kill you.
ALAN: I'll fuck anyone I want to.
NIKUKO: Look I'm fucking myself.
JULU: I'll kill all of you.
JULU: Where is everyone?

THE PRESIDENT: I am in charge of agriculture. Please forgive me.
THE PRESIDENT: Who have you betrayed. This is of utmost importance!
THE PRESIDENT: Thank you, Jennifer. You and I know I am responsible.
Jennifer: You are responsible for what I see!
THE PRESIDENT: Exactly, thank you, Jennifer.
THE PRESIDENT: The graves of the hateful traitors will grow over!

Jennifer stands: I wish to introduce THE PRESIDENT.
Nikuko stands: I wish to introduce Jennifer.
Jennifer: Thank you, Nikuko.
Nikuko sits: You have been my guide for so many years, Jennifer.
Jennifer: Community is the foundation of all life, Nikuko.
Nikuko: Thank you, Jennifer.
Julu stands: It is wonderful that we live in such a time...
Jennifer: Thank you, Julu.
Alan stands: I wish to thank everyone who has participated in this play.
Nikuko: We want to thank you as well, Alan, for the opportunity.
Jennifer: Thank you as well, Alan.
Julu: Thank you.

Jennifer: We are sitting in a circle. We are waiting turns
Julu: We say we are the players.
Julu: We say we are the players. We say we are broken into scenes.

THE THEATER: Here we are in empty space. There is no audience. T
THE CATWALKS: We favor company and comfort.
THE CATWALKS: We are your bones. Without us you live dull and steady.
THE THEATER: We favor night and its seepages. We devour night.
THE THEATER AND CATWALKS: We favor bright light and sunshine!

THE PRESIDENT: I think I've been forgotten. The play continues.
THE THEATER: Roar roar roar. You're inside me just like an avatar.
Jennifer: These are announcements we're making, we're not quite ready...
THE PRESIDENT: I take care of your eyes.
Jennifer: I see quite well, thanks to you.
THE THEATER: Roar roar roar.
THE PRESIDENT: Please be quiet. No one wants to hear you.
Jennifer: THE PRESIDENT is part of the audience. THE PRESIDENT listens.
THE THEATER: Roar roar roar.
THE PRESIDENT: I am responsible for language.
Jennifer: THE PRESIDENT says the order doesn't matter.
THE PRESIDENT: I am perfectly powerful; my power is broken.
Jennifer: You are a duly elected official.
THE PRESIDENT: The term is decided only by the term. I am THE PRESIDENT!
THE THEATER: Roar roar roar.

THE PRESIDENT: I am your tongue. Your tongue takes care of your eyes.
THE THEATER: I'm going home.

Jennifer: He makes me speak Nicely but I can't write Interesting.
Jennifer: I can't see or hear. I can't sleep; I navar sleep.

Doctor Leopold Konninger: Nikuko, we understand each other.
Nikuko says: But you must do one thing for me doctor.
Nikuko says: You must remove your clothing.
Nikuko says:: I will wear my tutu.

Nikuko pirouettes with three cameras and there are sfx and a text
Nude Nikuko sitting on nude Doctor Leopold Konninger with sfx.
Quickcam segments with Nikuko's voice describing her sex.
Nikuko pirouettes in a transparent skirt for the Dovctor.
Nikuko and Doctor Leopold Konninger, both fully dressed, dance.
Nikuko in open kimono mouthing AAAAH like a shinto guardian.
The Male Ballet Dancer moves neurotically through the space.
Three still dance shots bring this dance to a halt.
Nikuko in tutu and the Male Ballet Dancer perform a Musical Number.

A woman's face appears superimposed on a train.
A Doodah song accompanying a half-naked Nikuko and fully naked Doctor.
Nikuko dances strangely by herself on the right-hand side.
Nikuko lies exhausted on a blanket wearing a pink tutu.

Jennifer says: Julu is in 400,000 pieces.
Piece 381,924 says: I am piece 381,924, you are addressing me.
Jennifer says: Julu piece 381,924 is addressing me.
Piece 381,924 says: Hello Julu, come in Julu.
Jennifer says: You are Julu-Julu; you have come in.
Piece 381,924 says: Maybe what I have to say is one thing.
Jennifer says: It is one thing, piece 381,924.
Piece 381,924 says: This is one thing Julu.
Jennifer says: This is Jennifer, Julu piece 381,924.
Piece 381,924 says: Forgive me ...

when they get loose (old odalisks) (wonderful animation)

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