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courtship displays of the manifolds:

coagulation or cohesion of elements, fold-catastrophic jumps, convulsions,
collocations, substructural part-objects, articulations; bendings, affine
and other morphological transformations.

from one end of the spectrum, the schrodinger cat paradox resolves as
leakage, what i'd term abjection, in relation to container and thinging
contained; from the other, it makes no difference since particles _jump,_
not to mention coordinations at distances, etc. it's almost code, codons.
it's almost discrete, symbolic. it breaks down only where the continuum
appears, continuity at the periphery. another tactic, that of binary
particle, that of continuous wave. or does the wave become discrete or
broth, roiled. modes of string vibrations. think of dimensional collapse
as the real.

think of this as _metaphor-engine,_ nothing more, swamped by ignorance.
think of mathesis among continuums and anything mapped where, surreal or
other numbers, integers; are natural numbers _natural_? thinned line or
stepping among infinitesimals.

courtship displays of the manifolds:

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