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An emblem

analog--abject (hidden <> flight) flesh silence | {stench, odor}
                  emptiness mind
discrete--pure (visible <> embrace) mind speech | {scent, smell)

Let analog resonate 0, that is substance with no premise, project. Let
discrete resonate 1, that is inscription with project, maintenance. Think
analog resonating nothing, discrete resonating. Then _1_ draws _0_ out.
The Emblem is always discrete, the analog(ic) always approached asymptot-
ically, from the other side. Analog as release of emblem, discrete as
emblematic release.

The abject of the analog is hidden (passively or actively); it harbors
flight, flight-from skittered across substance surface, flight-towards
oozed beneath it. The abject is desired, uninscribed death, defuge. And
that is what there is.

Analogic: of the flesh, stench, silence, noise, parasite, emptiness of

The visible of the analog is embraced (passively or actively), embrace-
from as inscription, isolation, purification, distanced, the blemish of
the body in-visible, sutured over, cosmeticized, cover-up. And embrace-
towards, arousal within the visible, inscribed and introjected objects-
objectifications. And that is what there is.

Discrete: of speech, discursivity, talk, fecundity of mind.

Among visible and abject, emptiness.
Among analog and discrete, emptiness.
Analog and discrete sutured at the limits--the inscription of analogic,
abjection of discrete. Culture exists, exhausts, exhumes, at the junction;
the junction is driven by impulse, exchange and use values (regimes),
arousal, rite, contract, the letter, annihilation. The letter is always
under erasure, granular, memory.

(_Desire_ of flight and embrace.)

On _the one hand_ dyads are always suspect, problematic, under erasure,
abject; _on the other_ dyads are originary _wherever, whenever there is
origin._ Think of _originary fields,_ not points; areas, not vectors;
temporalities, not time; infinitesimals, not 0. Think of emission and
absorption spectra; particle annihilation and creation: "The world is
_not_ locally realistic." (Nielsen and Chuang, Quantum Computation and
Quantum Information.)

nothing among nothing


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