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convulse: i send you my signal. my signal is sad. my signal falls apart.
you do you receive my signal. my signal goes to you.
what of it, this signal?
tremor, seizure, fit: it is the sensor in them that dreams.

"The debate does not exist, because of the non-existence of both the name
and that which is named." (Nagarjuna, Vaidalyaprakarana, trans. Tola &

Rolandic wound, epilepsy, epilepsy, access, epilepsy, epilepsy, acquired
epilepsy, ache, epilepsy, access, acute acute acquired epilepsy, acute
acute akinetic ado, agitation, anemia, epilepsy, ankylosis, ankylosis,
akinetic arrest, anoxia, ankylosis, ataxia, apnea, asphyxiation, autonomic
arrest, autonomic epilepsy, ataxia, bleeding, backache, epilepsy, blood-
less bite, blennorhea, boring bleeding, boring pain, bloodless breakdown,
bother, pain, burst, botheration, breakup, cachexy, breakdown, cachexy,
cardiac burst, charley epilepsy, cardiac chills, cataclysm, horse, slate,
charley slate, clean chills, spasm, sweep, clean shivers, climax, clonus,
computer spasm, computer revolution, shivers, epilepsy, constipation, rev-
olution, cramp, convulsion, coughing, cursive epilepsy, cursive epilepsy,
cramp, darting cut, epilepsy, diarrhea, cyanosis, pain, distress, darting
distress, diurnal diarrhea, dropsy, epilepsy, diurnal dyspnea, dizziness,
dysentery, emaciation, dropsy, emaciation, epilepsia, dyspnea, major,
epilepsia epilepsia, epilepsia gravior, epilepsia nutans, major, nutans,
epilepsia epilepsia eruption, tarda, epilepsia falling epilepsy, explo-
sion, feery-fary, eruption, feery-fary, ferment, falling fit, fever,
ferment, starts, fibrillation, fits flurry, fit, flurry, fluster, starts,
focal flutter, fluster, fulgurant flutteriness, epilepsy, fury, focal
fury, fussiness, fulgurant pain, fussiness, fuss, mal, gale, pain, grip-
ing, pain, griping, gust, mal, hemorrhage, gust, griping, pressure, haute
hemorrhage, hullabaloo, hemorrhage, hullabaloo, hurt, pressure, hypoten-
sion, hydrops, hullabaloo, icterus, hydrops, hypotension, inflammation,
hypotension, inflammation, insomnia, icterus, itching, irruption,
inflammation, jerkiness, irruption, jactation, pain, jactation, jumping
labored jerkiness, lancinating breathing, pain, laryngeal lancinating
pain, latent pain, laryngospasm, lesion, laryngeal low lockjaw, latent
maelstrom, low blood epilepsy, blood matutinal epilepsy, maelstrom,
insanity, murderous epilepsy, epilepsy, insanity, musicogenic nasty
musicogenic discharge, nausea, epilepsy, nip, necrosis, nasty orgasm, nip,
nocturnal overthrow, nocturnal outburst, pain, orgasm, revolution, palace
overthrow, paroxysm, revolution, palsy, mal, palsy, petit epilepsy,
paroxysm, pother, pinch, mal, epilepsy, pother, prick, epilepsy, prick,
psychomotor quaking, epilepsy, quivering, quavering, epilepsy, rash,
quivering, radical restlessness, radical epilepsy, revolution, rash, war,
revolutionary restlessness, sclerosis, war, revulsion, sensory revulsion,
seizure, serial sclerosis, sexual epilepsy, sensory sharp sexual climax,
shivers, climax, shivering, shoot, sharp shooting shooting, shivers,
eruption, shooting pain, sore pain, sore, spasms, eruption, spurt, spell,
sore stew, spurt, stab, stoppage, stab, stitch, stress, stew, of stress
stoppage, stroke, of of suffering, life, succussion, sweeping stroke,
swirl, swirl, suffering, tachycardia, swirl, swirl, technological tabes,
epilepsy, temblor, tachycardia, tender tender technological thrill, tender
tender thromboembolism, spot, throe, wave, thrill, to-do, to-do, thrombo-
embolism, spasm, to-do, to-do, torsion epilepsy, tormen, change, spasm,
transilience, transilience, torsion tremulousness, transilience, transil-
ience, tumor, epilepsy, trismus, twinge, tremulousness, twitch, twitch,
tumor, upheaval, ucinate twitch, stomach, epilepsy, upset, violent upheav-
al, violent change, stomach, wasting, visitation, change, wound, vomiting,
whirl, wasting, wound,

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