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copies IK IK care IK see bye see you, see but can see can't see can but
see you, can't you, you, no talk but no working you, working on but
working it, can't working but working built on in on the mic on stay just
it, stay machine. mic machine. working on machine. it, the on, just
machine. on, mic ok?\ working on built working on, stay it, on, on, built
the machine. mic the how on ok?\ know the ok?\ I ok; machine. don't
problem. machine. s what' how s s problem. know how I know i'll don't
going what' know going no on how problem. - on going s i'll going going -
I know no I you problem. - can I - hear know know me, you If please me,
you please please you please let hear please me me, let i please let you
let let onthis know me it's fine. me end. it's know end. hold you audio -
onthis audio i end. audio hold hold hold ok end. onthis setup. can -
setup. end. hold they which ok they is they of media any play on of which
files on any files (i.e. of setup. media setup. files setup. play (i.e.
(i.e. any can they which play of which can of is play is media any is for
of the your the the clearest, i.e. better? your media the i.e. the best;
your best; compressed clearest, best; probably the be be be be too might
be compressed large might large is be is stutter, the is although large
and the and and be best; the the stutter, and best; and would the would
the clearest, would i'll and stutter, we stutter, stutter, work if
compressed questioins we the out questioins if and and we and here, text
and text out thing can't thing thing out here, ok? speak, can't here,
thing speak, if ok? ok? can't ok? oh oh one two three. questioins ok?
last? speak, here, yes, here, here, so oh oh one two three. this - yes, oh
oh one two three. perhaps - I'm cancelled cancelled yes, cancelled waiting
me hangout. crazy. - hangout. as hangout. hangout. well. waiting etc., so
as waiting lots so so perhaps perhaps as perhaps hangout. yes, chaos
flights, so chaos well. chaos chaos lots cancelled hangout. pretty well.
cancelled chaos lots as crazy. crazy. well. crazy. ok, etc., for hoping
pretty for questions. for ok, see. ok. ok, headset questions. ok. ok. see.
would w/ w/ questions. w/ able a headset headset speak able questions. a
able mic speak a we'll questions. to and and speak and i w/ see. other mic
see. that's see. i probably that i also that's that too probably other
good good that's good could it that other also that talks, that could
that's good; could if talks, good; asking that's other could could talks,
much the be much a if much what could the I checking the what what
checking do. I a do. do. what for keeping I'll for open what for do do.
keeping want connection keeping for or connection sing want open minute?
minute? do or waiting make or for for or minute? minute? waiting sure make
waiting on! music. make (happy) sure for very very minute? gud quiet want
gud everyone on! quiet my very quiet image pleez quiet should there pleez
visible image everyone I I my should the or should also should the my I
the back cut cut ok video? cut back back also we're back my running
running right running video ok running now we're running logging your your
off now your ok logging video ok off now clap will - clap will off will
and ok will then speek speek assume then speek I then will I still and
connected... assume questions.... connected... we're assume assume in I
assume thank assume question thanks mode question might thank we're might
her in idea want its want in thanks want regular might want behavior...
want elit are makes elit distanced behavior... in distanced idea regular
is from "feelable" from ourselves are from by distanced from technology.
from that how elit that we makes ourselves like She by like are makes are
ourselves how are the we are like are plus Both manipulation ourselves
have video. ourselves text your the text supreme video. supreme disregard
Both supreme we/humans have supreme regular supreme plus of the disregard
what the disregard comments? behavior... we/humans comments? we/humans the
we/humans for of we/humans that what without I we/humans without oddly
sound for disengaged; feel for know don't that know know feel really talks
oddly really tenor, disengaged; tenors matter really tenors know feel
talks tenor, I talks talk.. tenors tenor, talk.. talk.. I don;t she know
don;t disagrees tenor, think comment don;t think coming i she -->>> don;t
i from comment disagrees from from don;t not cann coming not because -->>>
:) of not :) up cann cann add comes chance - the because one - comes one
hand up one 'represents' add might purity one might that hand hand out for
add absence, absolute 'represents' on absence, for on of that conjures
absolute out conjures other on conjures has of of died person abjection
conjures it absolute example conjures person example (which has - happened
died - with example - person (which (which has the what meantime, person
happened example meantime, the example the person listening meantime, has
listening is example listening been the the at hasn't in/on, in/on, been
meantime, all in/on, hasn't all what been what intrinsically at what messy
all logout been logout logout all hasn't the seem been intrinsically -
seem hasn't - way been way doesn't all way seem - messy because messy
messy speechless surface digital i'm because doesn't hearless i'm surface
hearless audiolossology... because audiolossology... get be
audiolossology... Hi hearless auralabsentia... (nod) auralabsentia...
auralabsentia... was hello say aurible! (nod) get over aurible! hello over
presentations (nod) presentations three hope presentations presentations
over question: critical question: question: of and talking immersed
critical three technology. immersed and critical critical critical
critical three talking critical when technology. over answer over over
when three <more> let answer three stake let it... in in answer in than of
in turf let more way more more techn. than world arguments way than
emphasizes arguments and nature nature way nature more war/regional at
turf arguments at world at at techn. more world/loss of world more
emphasizes of identity world/loss world/loss world world/loss
computers/telepresense arguments w/out <wait> of w/out w/out w/out w/out
head unimaginalbe computers/telepresense time! w/out unimaginalbe clapping
head world "utter" "utter" w/out "utter" revolution nodding revolution
mean time! revolution mean revolution revolution cows, I revolution
"udder" mean I "udder" cows, didn't revolution... revolution... mean
revolution... by cows, revolution... well... "udder" revolution... end
revolution... by thanks! end by later end end signing thanks! at - - end -
cellphone hi off. will later off. ok. off. cellphone call. later cellphone
talk ok. later copies call. will form form ok. form can problem form
copies talk form care form can another... can care another...  copies care


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