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'The skull-holder was not really so, but was a nirmana form of
Heruka, who said, "In this life you must write the six main
texts and in the _bar-do_ period you will attain the very highest
siddhi." The acarya replied,

  "When pressed beneath your feet, even my lower
  winds vanish.
  By your kind mercy, please withdraw your left
  If your nine-fold crest ornaments are kept
  straight, even the Brahma-realm vanishes.
  Please remain with your head moving but a little!
  If your hands are kept straight, the guardians of
  the four quarters become terrified.
  By your kind mercy please withdraw your hands
  a little!
  O noble one, as your body is in a dancing pose
  and is purposefully maintained,
  I bow down before you with faith and an excess
  of reverence!"'

(from Taranatha's Life of Krsnacarya/Kanha, trans. David Templemann)

performing (1/y(sin(x)) <-- y(tan(x)))

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