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Fasten Show (Oscar Shlemer) (smaller!) (Askher Slimmer) (smaller!)

Here very splay of the real? In such a fashion incisions, fashion, ges-
ture, languagings, and what continually emerges is the good-old-fashioned-
real, Beau-Brummel-Roseland messy messy fashion. You're either online or
offline, one way or another: dresses for infinity are bypassed in this
fashion; the systems are both functional and must be created anew - each
time one moves string and creates the appearance of arousal, nothing more,
such wonderful kostumes.

Here's the old culture of the unconscious.

Indeed it has been abstracted from all concretion in such thoroughgoing
fashion that one understands the endless worry about embodiment of ideas.
The body does not embody ideas; it more accurately is ideas, matter, and
energy that may pursue the same erotic, fantastic fashioning of the social
system, unbelievably uncontrollable, the very splay of the real. Nikuko's
writing begins with Askher's writhing on hir bohdi.

He signs hir, she signs hirself. Writing doesn't begin, it dozes, a high-
wire act of haute couture. The energy skimming surfaces, burrowing into
them. Jennifer runs off at the mouth, going on about fashion, Askhir's
doing what he always doze and philosophy Okkurs.

Jennifer's mouth runs, Jennifer runs on Askhir, Nikuko says "wayward",
"nice", "feminine", "lovely", "used", "fashionable", "small", "inci-
sions, gestures, cuts, surgeries, sutures, surges."

Nikuko fashions hir texts and where's hem, pornography with absinthe
organs, Schlemmer wrytes about the photoplay. Nikuko's back (is) in the
imaginary, it's all the splay of the reel - trainers, gym memberships,
fashionable clothing, pebbles...

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