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Modeling, filtering, resonance, transmission (in recent work?) and bad
theory -

Bad theory: Because distorting concept and process, constructing 'fit'
where most likely there's none at all.

I want to transmit this. I am transmitting this.
I am applying a filter to this. I am filtering this.
This is resonating. I want to make this resonate. (I am resonating this.)
I am modeling this. This is a model. This is continuou modeling.
  -- I am continuously modeling this.

These terms are interconnected; they assume energy pooling and structure,
and are processes with process control. The control structures divide the
configuration into semantics (with internal syntactic control) and syntac-
tics (with external semantic control). The latter is the control structure
proper - a formal program or filter whose semantic control is an intention
to harness, modify,, transmit, or otherwise control the former. The former
might loosely be considered 'content,' i.e. on the plane of content, which
necessarily emphasizes semantics - the sememe of the content - that relies
on internal syntactics to configure the sememe for others. This is a false
model of course since the content seeps through both semantics and syntac-
tics, but these domains are still 'somewhat' uncoupling; similarly, cont-
rol structures are entangled between intentional semantics and process
control itself. All of this is clear in transmission and filtering; the
latter might be considered a form of transmission itself, although it is
usually taken to refer to a cutting-away of tranmission contents. Like-
wise transmission can be considered a form of dynamic filtering which
parcels and configures content dynamically from one to another site.
Resonance is an internalized filtering and transmission tending towards
the best of all possible (local) worlds; it achieves this as a steady-
state maintained (other than at temperatures near absolute zero) by an
external energy source which keeps the resonance alive. Otherwise reson-
ance, like transmission, is dampened and dies out. Filtering in this
regard may be considered passive; a filter need not consume external
energy for maintenance, but may just gate whatever content comes through.
Finally, modeling - not models - may be considered a continuous process of
adjusting to the world; resonances are appearances of entities that seem
somewhat steady-state. Modeling transmits a series of models-in-process,
behavioral dynamics, flux; filtering is at the heart of modeling, shaping
whatever raw data comes into the process. It would be literally fitting to
establish a procedural dynamics moving from (modeling filtering) through
(transmission resonance) but this seems problematic; all that can be said
is that these processes are all involved in situating the subject dynami-
cally in the world, and are intentionally configured and active within the
digital. (Resonance itself is analogic, I think; while it operates digit-
ally, through positive feedback it might break out of any potential well
designed to contain it. Of course this depends on the variety of resonance
- and all of this points, I believe, to the above as bad or broken theory,
groping at something and groping in the wrong direction.

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