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Date: Wed, 4 Jun 2008 11:23:14 -0500 (CDT)
From: WWF - Conservation Action Network <>
Subject: Urgent: Major Climate Change Vote Expected Today

World Wildlife Fund's Conservation Action Network

Action deadline: immediately

Dear Alan,

The Lieberman-Warner Climate Security Act, a major climate change
bill, is being debated this week in the Senate and a vote is expected
within the next few hours on a key amendment. Please speak out now.

Urge your senators to vote for the Climate Security Act and for an
amendment that would pave the way for effective international action
on climate change:

The debate on the Climate Security Act is a major opportunity to push
for U.S. action to slow climate change, the number one environmental
issue of the 21st century. The United States is one of the largest
contributors of greenhouse gases, with nearly five times the world
average in carbon emissions.

A strengthening amendment to be offered by Sens. Biden (D-Del.), Lugar
(R-Ind.) and others would ensure that U.S. action is complemented by
international efforts. Their amendment would affirm the Senate's
strong support for a renewed round of global negotiations to address
climate change. The vote may come as early as this afternoon.

Ask your senators to vote for the Biden-Lugar amendment:

The impacts of climate change are already becoming evident around the
globe. According to two reports issued by the federal government last
week, the effects are being felt in every region of the United States
in the form of intense droughts, rampant wildfires and other extreme
weather events that will only intensify as global temperatures
increase. The government also stated that climate change poses
significant health risks, especially for the poor and elderly.

We can still slow climate change before it becomes too dangerous to
manage. The tools for controlling climate change are available and
affordable today. The Climate Security Act would put many of those
tools into use and is a critical first step toward slowing climate

Tell your senators that we must act now:

Please forward this message to your friends and family. All around the
world, people are calling for urgent action on climate change to
protect our planet and future generations. Thank you for adding your


Richard Moss
Managing Director and Vice President
Climate Change
World Wildlife Fund


Eleven major corporations urged the U.S. Senate to pass climate change
legislation, saying the Lieberman-Warner Climate Security
Act "represents a real effort to establish the regulatory
framework that we need."

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