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June 5, 2008

SL Performance, Sandy Baldwin and Alan Sondheim

unique in the history of sl

unique in the history of virtual worlds

unique! unique!

nikuko swallows dirt

dirty nikuko.

nikuko transforming into landscape because she wants to become part of the
world of second life so she can never be removed until the entire corpora-
tion folds sometime in the future. nikuko encumbered by landscape because
she wants to crawl away from the rocks towards some better future life.
nikuko embedded into landscape because she wants to sleep the long long
sleep while there still is silence in the world. nikuko talking to herself
because there is no one to be her tiny friend or listen to her sobs.
nikuko embracing landscape because she wants to open herself up to the
earth and dirty orgasm. nikuko in the void of landscape. nikuko within the
abyss of landscape. nikuko in the chaos of dirt. nikuko wants to swallow
the landscape and disappear. nikuko in ecstatic orgasm upon her discovery
that it is all one ontology. nikuko in overwhelming orgasm having discov-
ered it is all one epistemology. nikuko doesn't know where her energy
comes from or the light that illuminates the rocks. nikuko doesn't know if
she's a stone or a cliff or granite or schist. nikuko doesn't know she
doesn't know and she's not about to find out. nikuko in unbelievably
ecstatic enormous and overwhelming orgasm.

nikuko swallows dirt.
dirty nikuko.

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