The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive


I am the originator of Ron Silliman, which happened
The day before I originated poetry. In this manner,
I originated Patrick Herron, who, through a sad mispelling,
Flew from the birds which I originated just the day before.
Hello Patrick, I say, as he flies overhead, on the way to flarf
And other lines that start with Larger Letters.
All letters are capital! He cries, every single one of them!
How am I to argue even if G makes me quake, an ornate C
That cuts curious the cataract from my left and fuzzy I.
On a dark and otherwise murderous night, Maria Demon
Completed her work and I emerged, speechless, holding her
Responsible for every word I write; please contact her
If there are any difficulties with this transmisson. At what
Bleak point did Socrates trade Daemon in, suturing her name
Which used to be Sally Forth? I know he meant no harm,
He was busy writing me into submission while I, knowing the worst,
Created Silliman, Flarf, Cataract, Damon, Herrons Galore,
And at least two letters of the alphabet, now sung
Almost as much as any other (jst dd vwls!).

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