The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

July 2, 2008

Poetics of the Virtual

Second Life as a laboratory for phenomenology of representations of space-
time: think of multiply-connected geometries and configurations, dynamic
impossible behaviors, behavioral and object intersections and collisions,
spews, and interiorities. We work concretely and theoretically towards a
poetics and psychophysics of the virtual through Second Life; through
abject and inconceivable topologies, we experience an obdurate alterity.

The poetics of the avatar is dependent upon dissemination, dissimulation,
and dispersion. One moves as a dispersion as well, moves through skein-
and sheave-skin; time and objects loop, are activated, suffer through
detumescence, collapse, revive, are always already potential. The world is
peculiar; one object teleports, another spews, a third crackles video.

Thanks to Sugar Seville, Sandy Baldwin, Ian Ah, and others, the space
becomes more complex, problematic. We have a five-month residency here.

"This exhibit is being presented in the networked environment Second Life
on the Odyssey simulator. To view this work you must have a Second Life
account and avatar. To set up an account, go here:

Once you are logged into Second Life, click this link: - the Second Life client will
teleport your avatar to the location of the exhibit. Use the arrow keys on
your keyboard to navigate your avatar through the exhibit and be sure to
press play on both the audio and video buttons located on the lower right
of your Second Life client."

Complexity and change at SL site: sll jpg series

Studies: (regimes) (self-occlusions) (tiled twitching) (render regimes)

Father and Daughter portraits (Joanna Sondheim Alan Sondheim)

Soundwork with tamburitza basprim 4-course brac:


Convoluted intersecting configurations with tangled occluded textures
and broken figures. Nikuko-avatar of convoluted intersecting skeins
tangling occluded sheave-skins towards indecipherment of 3-space 1-time,
skein-flesh, spew-tissue. Performance no longer insists on coherent body
or work-body, skin no longer joins skin, cloth is absent substance. This
is called 'getting there.' Solipsis and Indra come to mind. parters jpg series

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