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twenty-eight characteristics of god

01 god does not breathe nor does god have any necessity to breathe
02 god runs on pure internal energy and needs no energy source
03 god is always organized and coherent and cannot be disorganized
04 god can will to breathe or need energy or organize or disorganize
05 god does not feel thirst or hunger or sexual desire or arousal
06 god does not feel anything but may will to feel anything
07 god is neither recipient nor originator of any communication
08 god neither demands reciprocity nor engages in dialog
09 god may will to receive or give or engage
10 god neither speaks nor hears and neither sees or shows
11 god does not think but may will to think or speak or see
12 god has no location on any grid of space or time
13 there is no segment or boundary of god
14 there are no parameters and defining characteristics of god
15 god may will to contract or expand any where and when
16 god may will to will
17 god has no necessity to divide or coalesce
18 god may will to divide or coalesce
19 god has no movement and no beginning and ending
20 god is unthinkable but may will to be thinkable
21 god is that object which is subject and that subject which is object
22 god is plagiarism
23 god may will to originate and may will to move and end
24 for god all languages and words and thoughts are jumble
25 god may will to comprehend all languages and words
26 god may will to see all and touch all and hear all and taste all
27 god may will not to will and may will never to will again
28 god does not run on anything ragged jpgs most recent

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