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way of the prims

$ that's the way of the prims ^C
$ they're always just another country ^C
$ they're senseless aren't they
/usr/local/bin/ksh: theyre senseless arent: not found
$ they're dark under midnight's sun
/usr/local/bin/ksh: theyre dark under midnights: not found
$ they're in the gone world's countability
/usr/local/bin/ksh: theyre in the gone worlds: not found
$ they're weightless objects in the breeze's dawn
/usr/local/bin/ksh: theyre weightless objects in the breezes: not found
$ they're dawn's delight and i'm breathless in night's jars
/usr/local/bin/ksh: theyre dawns: not found
$ misery's a game they've learned to play with me
/usr/local/bin/ksh: miserys a game theyve: not found
$ odyssey's hard enough for dropout's moi
/usr/local/bin/ksh: odysseys hard enough for dropouts: not found
$ it's just another country's lost and captured papers
/usr/local/bin/ksh: its just another countrys: not found
$ they're code's bleak world of conduits beneath the surface
/usr/local/bin/ksh: theyre codes: not found
$ they're surface's grandeur undercut by conduits of code
/usr/local/bin/ksh: theyre surfaces: not found
$ they're protocol's last stand in breathless breeze
/usr/local/bin/ksh: theyre protocols: not found
$ they're untold labor's hours beneath flourescent glows
/usr/local/bin/ksh: theyre untold labors: not found
$ they're glows' monstrosities and monster's untoward food ^C
$ they're never found among young boys' shattered dreams
/usr/local/bin/ksh: theyre never found among young boys: not found
$ and young girls too and all they've learned to live in this world's air
/usr/local/bin/ksh: and: not found
$ they're not air and never are young girls and young girls' light
/usr/local/bin/ksh: theyre not air and never are young girls
and young girls: not found
$ footsteps upon the earth and their codes of longing boys
/usr/local/bin/ksh: footsteps: not found
$ their codes of longing girls and all in protocols
/usr/local/bin/ksh: their: not found
$ someone coded this and who might that be
/usr/local/bin/ksh: someone: not found
$ and someone's mind wrote this in dark dawn's ecstasy
/usr/local/bin/ksh: and: not found
$ exit
Script done on Mon Jul  7 06:32:07 2008 videotrans series (phantom/invisible objects
which appear only as {infected} carriers of video; in Second Life turn
video on and set time of day to sunrise or midnight)

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