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Announcement: That if you haven't been to the Exhibition, The Accidental 
Artist, at Second Life, do so now! For once the materials have been pushed 
to the limit; what you see, experience, could not exist otherwise, i.e. in 
the physical world; these objects are untoward, wayward, and amazing; this 
is the result of complex building upon simple borrowed scripts and real- 
world hypnagogic imagery.

For me this is the culmination of video, image, sound, performance, having 
brought into the world something that remains incoherently out of it.

Again, here are instructions:

"This exhibit is being presented in the networked environment Second Life 
on the Odyssey simulator. To view this work you must have a Second Life 
account and avatar, which is free of charge and takes about 30 minutes to 
set up and learn the basic functionality. To set up an account, go here:

Once you are logged into Second Life, click this link in your web browser. and the 
Second Life client will teleport your avatar to the location of the 
exhibit. Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to navigate your avatar 
through the exhibit and be sure to press play on both the audio and video 
buttons located on the lower right of your Second Life client." (Sugar 

There are many ways to see the exhibition: Turn sound on and off, turn 
video on and off, open up parameters and set the rendering to different 
positions (glow for example appears only in some of them), don't worry 
about frame-rate, you can always go back to low resolution high speed for 
that. Walk or fly through the space to the extent you can. Enter into the 
emission areas. Separate the camera from the avatar (view camera controls) 
and head beneath the floor into the continuation of the show in the ocean 

This is Ken Kesey meets Jacques Lacan; Valeska Gert meets Anita Berber; 
Walter Benjamin meets Salvador Dali; Kristeva meets Delaney; Ballard meets 
Chasseguet-Smirgel; Lingis meets Buddha; Flower Ornament Sutra meets 
Yamataka; Nikuko meets Julu; interior meets exterior; 4 meets 3; this is 
always already future anterior; defuge raised to incandescence; vision to 
touch; touch to vision.

If you have difficulty, write me and I'll try and answer. Second Life is 
easy to install; it reads your hardware and configures automatically in 
relation to it.

Next week: Performances on Wednesday, Sandy Baldwin and myself


Now: The Different Roof

Julu Twine dances around while God's busy redoing the roof.
They they take a look at prim depth.
Julu's happy that the thing spews different.
God redoes the outdoor prim with glow and texture of breasts.
Julu thinks the whole thing is over-ripe.
God thinks it's fecund.
Julu thinks God's fecund.
There's no end to it.

The ringing

There's no end to the ringing.

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