The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

beauty images sensual beauty jpgs below above water and air

these were assembled with full/ultimate resolution in Second Life

see the spectacular details newvideo jpgs and slightly moving texturing
tiling building rearrangement almost but not quite deconstruction

remember Jennifer? she wd/ do this, says Fletch, and she has beautiful!

We are having the performance on Wednesday in Second Life

but she have added new video everywhere sputtering in the miasma called
The Accidental Artist

underwater everything shimmers and boundaries are seen as they truly are
they move, there's no editing to them
there's no gainsay to them and once you speak they've ceased listening,
and once you speak they're already gone

the air and atmosphere, airless and breathless, are beautiful in the upper
reaches of the configured world of Second Life

the newtall pylon too says Jennifer, the new tiling

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