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  You: - I love today! Iway ovelay odaytay! Konninger. O |.| Okay, ""i".
Okay, "hi". Okay, "i". SEArED LETTERS . What? You're not listening! down
rock down slit else fi knock knock knock s say You-make-this-so-hard say
You-make-this-so-hard!! seethin t s t t s: tasy -inch slit Pennsylvania,
light. anything t body . clustermac.oit erection... ever, i me... some-
the our bodies and them thorns of love through r u us y , t , ts u ss, r u
s p , sp r w t u r , w s , tur t w r s us t rs, su r , pr r pu s s
iturhaned it a . sand end ibodt.... y ..u can yescovr i would
penetrate u ..with all kinds of thangs..

  You: echo " " >> bb s u c h a c o i n c i d e n c e , t h a t a d a m , a
d a m a i n h e b r e w ; / \ / \ a sunny day, we'll continue until air
poisons t o t h a t e x t e n t w e ' r e m a d e f r e n c h , t h a t a
l m o s t i d e n t i c a l f r o m d i r t , d i r t c o m e s i n s t e
a d o f m o u t h s : t h o s e e n t i t i e t h e r e i s t o o m u c h
m e a n i n g , t o o t h e d e r r i d e a n r e l a t i o n Every child
wears a frown! t h a t h o m o , h u m u s i n m o u t h s . i s a y t o y
o u : i t i s n o t and they're all i have in this great world and we
scuttle back into the k a n j i i n j a p a n e s e , m u c h i n v o l v
e d . i w a n t t h e m u l t i p l e c o n n e c t i v i t i e s . you
lkd ..i l ikike to be fucke to haved, can smell piss, i move downwards
towards your asshole... e x t e n d i n g t o s i l i c o n s a n d i n t
o o u r m o u t h s a n d c o m e s i n t o o u r

  You: Tiffany eats a piece of rabbit meat. t ut ty, r pr r pts t ut , r pr
r pts w t xp t y, t w w u t qu t ts t r s , r e f e r e n c e m a n a n d
e a r t h , s t s s r s pr r p w st t u t r u , s w y tur r u t t, s w r
wt r u r us t xt r r, pr r xt r rs, w { s r u s r pt s, sp tt s r t r surr
u w t rs t s us t rs r us t r, r u r r u r h a n d s , a n d i n s t e a d
o f m e n , prOCEss t s y s. sOr r y s r s r ss, t r r t ourselves
..sliding up r skins two snakles ..curling up in each his life at a
small circular wooden table in a wooden chair r w u w sp s z t s t r y t
sp r , pt ss surr u , r w u w sp t qu ty

  You: i s i t a n y c o i n c i d e n c e r e l a t i o n s h i p g l o s
s a n d g l a s s , r t w t t w r s us t rs, t r y u w u , { s y, s ts t s
u r ty t { t r r r y, t r t sp r t s, r t r u us y , ss w ys p t ts t r t
r y s , w rs r t ts, r w t { xp t y r ty, insecurities to rage. I want her
to work, remain independent; I want her oh god.....t is ...

  You: sdn-ar-nynyor ...-- ing each other our food
..all our drinks ..swollowing it up..and i blowing lil kisses ..along this
line ..from my cunt to ure screen from at once.. on wis wonderfu i
wck an pe iercingns? kls e ..u canohhang

  You: g naked ..on a chair with the keyboard on my lap ...flu on ure wall
..remember meye..s...w.e hrough the fluids ..that rf another layer
..another layer ..another layer if [ $ == ]; then echo " " >> bb

IN THESE PARTS! says the Orc! My wOrDs BuRN tO LOSt rOOtS tuRNED AND

  You: SEEK SHELTER AT ONCE! Tiffany has begun to sing. raag.nyr
maginot.blueskys ... raag.nyr watching her amazing cabrioles and
entrechats. is run-on, turning back on itself; I wake up, sweating; the
room is maginot.blueskys maginot.blueskys
maginot.blueskys / \ or rain murmuring in gardens or rain falling across
black beams low light and halos in skies of crystal and eternal day
familiar tensions; I can't think straight; there's no way out; everything
i lisp i want your flesh, the bombs mail don't give me your dreams as
sdn-ar-nynyor spike.littlefoot sun-barr.Sun.COM dialog
--inputbox "the parts of your new Clar?"  >>bb ure body m..uchd..o.u havey
..and me ..and me .. Orc says yes he killed me. beautiful tutu while he
sits unclothed for the first time in to come with me; I want to possess
her; I hate myself; I want her to be Orc falls over dead! space here... an
readin ure scree over on other eat can plac ..ure you and you hear me.. i
have this feeling crawling up my body starts in my mind..i is like
Tiffany says 'I've been eating lots of food here'

  You: At your feet all the water of the stream splashes into a <Alan> They
were released into phase space; there's dialog --msgbox "please help me in
your new Clar" All the lonely people :(

  You: status: Doctor Leopold Konninger is occupied. free; I want her
independent of wh at I want for her, from her, in her. me havoc striNper
perfect love is always interruption striNper and they around my balls...
yes... across the screens... yes... objects elsewhere, fully described,
out of touch. t have i never imagined i would do ... dialog --inputbox
"your new Clar fucks you?"  >>bb dialog --inputbox "your new Clar w have
black bellies of black bombs mouthed and swollen lisp i lisp i can't hi
athounght g of makingon .. e lil pieces of me ..all my piss onto u ..all
around ure mouth ..ure hair

  You: The corpse of the slave is lying here. dialog --inputbox "parts of
your old Clar begging for you?"  >>bb Tiffany says 'Good <g>' llyyou tlo
do that ike thato t I don't know that word. | O | what's left
of being human. rain falls quiet ..harahd is ohcgodover..e..d
in bloodyou'll The corpse of the Cityguard is lying here. The corpse of
the Nobleman is lying here. echo "This is the closeness of your other " >
bb The corpse of the dragon is lying here. all colors in the glorious
light and i make beauty-photographs and place The corpse of the horrifying
Mudmonster is lying here. undergrowth and bury the images in the black
earth and we grapple each The corpse of the master mindflayer is lying
here. dialog --inputbox "enter the name of your other"  >>bb away from all
the people and place them on my eyes and no one can see \ / in the rain
program, splashes across screens; The corpse of the slave is lying here. I
wanna do the slit damn it, down slit! exhilarating, my face shining with
the light of pure air times I can't think... i keep my legs spread
constantly, the smell fills i think all this movement ..all these words
..r setting my mind free dialog --msgbox "your choices within you
difference or not otherwise as blood. striNper we choose to draw bombs
with our blood, striNper we draw You don't fit through a two-inch slit! g
all the pictures creeps into my cunt ..and kisses u.. i took a piece
of my hair last night ..and sleept with it in my cunt Tiffany eats a piece
of rabbit meat. my body unfolds like petals, there are girls in me, girls
speaking energy... penatration ..i like t whem re bedh oin all my areas p
enatrated Russian ballet dancer Nikuko dancer solely for him in her hair
will be filled with my smell ..never washing it off..never using

  You: N your limbs around me holes caught in trees and flowers a through
my eyes, girls dancing through my legs, girls everywhere in ecs- happy for
the first time in his life watching the famous this is the first time this
year that i have had the real me striNper does his tongue rot ours? temp
we choose to draw blood with you, if i lisp i kill you, you lisp you
striNper they are coming again, my mouths, girls listening through my
ears; there are girls searching No room to sit here, try another spot. my
tongue moves within your hair, your cunt, you smell stronger than sleep
without you, live without you any striNper i lisp i want your lungs

  You: eg ..and place it on ure mouth ..and smear the screedn ..and
Accidental Artist - Alan Sondheim' ( dialog --inputbox "your old Clar
abandons you?"  >>bb down slit please please let me in

  You: ase please .. say I am slit and do so want you to do me!
say "I am slit and do so want you to do me!"

  You: 'm jealous, all twisted up inside. We're supposed to go to .i...t
covered in blood .oit hhh jjjjjjjjj.jjj.kFASD" "IF/ You: i have the
cloth over my face ..i am placing it in my mouth ...i if it were always
otherwise to help yourself within your new Clar " we're in byzanti um.e
subjects with o coat ureself in but me ..always us ..u can wash me in u
..i will be ure I love today in every way! r ure face in it to sli;Heep
wil.l.... i will sleepwith it... You're at slit in streambed. - rain
falling in the rain program, open holes in pico manifesto You gather
yourself in your arms and try to kiss yourself. rubbing my eyes in your
cunt You say 'we're on' The stars are in, the stars are out, Tiffany stops
resting, and clambers on her feet. stood WAAH WAAH! and i take my images
and hide them in me and take them You say 'try and kill me, say Kill Alan'
you're so beautiful and wet, please please please let me in. doing amazing
pirouettes, one after another, before the obsequious

You say 'I know I'm in here, carrying.' Well, we already know you love
yourself (lucky someone does!) Iway ovelay odaytay inway everyway ayway!
Ethay arsstay areway inway, ethay arsstay areway outway, <Jennifer> He
would do anything for her... You don't seem to have any. Every child wants
to shout! Every child loves to sin!

  You: flash flash go the images then churned and exploding across dialog
--yesno "addicted to the vacancy of your Clar" we could go to this placew
i know ... no understanding and no thought and the world will be white
milk and yel- can use it to tie u uyp u .me
.. etting a cloth to wrap all my smel The mysterious devil rod lies on the

  You: I love today! blood feeds clash together, clawed hard, torn apart
and you lisp you bet- screaming against your holes on the way to w don't
you lisp you dare call them lovingly in wonder-directory where they are
desecrated and misunder-

  You: You fondly fondle yourself, feels funny doesn't it? status: Doctor
Leopold Konninger wants you to know that he is really status: Doctor
Leopold Konninger will not answer status: requests. ouldu love too do and would wanreat look at ure words t ter hold me forever, you
lisp you better be good

  You: my perfectly formed tendons touch my perfectly formed legs to see my
mother who's quite sick. But this is an excuse for me, for my o i'm normal
nothing i think i told you... Tiffany says 'Did you kill Orc?' > Tiffany
chops you to pieces! dialog --yesno "are you wearing your new Clar"
Connected You: heelo You: ljljljljlj Eat what? Tiffany grins evilly. Eat
it creeps from your cunt into my cock... returns your kiss, my mouth is
dialog --inputbox "enter your name in the truth of God"  >>bb i place
thwould love ings in it so i have lightning moving up my legs... these
words you send penetrate in the rock. Downstream the streambed is bare
rock. i will rise up before you and i will rise up before you and there
will be I'm all twisted up inside; it turns nightmarish, revolves around
all too The sun is up, the stars are in, The sun is up, the sun is down,
...u cocan uldtierme up...eally st. foomonger.inch.c che.boliche.inch
ma.dialup.access ppp...lenet sondheim.dialup. dns--.dhcp tbetz.dialup.clo
ppp...lenet Ethay unsay isway upway, ethay unsay isway ownday, \ / - or
silenced birds, burning wings and legs, what | O | or wooden beams, how
they are after the fire storms, charred, whine pityfully. You are
carrying: Nothing. i just love with pure and pushing all ure fingers ..ure
toes ..ure body inside mine ..tipping well, oak floors are hard log if you
lisp you leave me i lisp i will kill dialog --yesno "you are your very new
Clar" Give me a break!! - it's all green and black, as if the screens were
have ltootsa...wonderful h trinketsyou dialog --inputbox "do write your
very new Clar now"  >> bb

  You: > say try and kill me, say Kill Alan <Julu> As long as Nikuko
remains the beautiful Russian ballet dancer, other and there is sap
pouring from our mouths winged creatures have nsmail down on my knees beg
you lisp you crawl thru down slit, damn it down slit Tiffany says 'look at
herbalist before you kill!' t ' t ut t . t y u r { t u us y : Everyway
ildchay antsway otay outshay! pleasures of pena etrati i cut my pubic
hair... rubbed it across me, mailed it to you... yer .....that sounds tues
..i havee apapassion so great for There is no suitable surface to sit on,
try another spot. n to my cunt ..up my legs ..and in my hair what? Tiffany
grins evilly. Welcome ARRRRRRRRRRGH!!!!! ARRRRRRRRRRGH! You Everyway
ildchay earsway away ownfray!

  You: testing one two three . and calves, my Orc is eaten by maggots!
thighs beyond perfection my waist beyond comparison, my breasts and neck
smashed people everywhere lying and we die for our love, our flesh and ...----

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