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some duologue from 07/16/08 SL performance, Baldwin/Sondheim /mod

A module describes an orbit; particles are emitted at regular intervals.
The direction of the particle stream is determined by local 'weather' or
'wind' in second life. The stream is jerked by the orbit, and this results
in the repeated generation of similar graphemes or artifacts in the air,
which travel along with the stream, slowly disappearing at the farther
end. Perhaps this is one source for the sign: something is configured and
emitted at regular intervals, the locals stand around and watch.

[19:06] Political Magic is Online Maxxo Klaar sandy Taifun Man Michinaga
Taifun: This what I mean. Alan wish to thank everyone who has participated
in this play. Gesture New missing from database. /clap Connecting in-world
Voice Chat... Connected I'll kill you. We want you as well, Alan, for the
opportunity. Hey! You! Avatar! am He makes me speak Nicely but can't write
Interesting. Thank Alan. see or hear. sleep; navar sleep.  fuck anyone to.
avatar sunk beneath mud

[19:07] /whistle all of gimme love A woman's face appears superimposed on
a train. zzzz Where everyone? Doodah song accompanying half-naked Nikuko
and fully naked Doctor. dances strangely by herself right-hand side. i
prefer small, seeping, peripeheral, marginal, scattered words sites,
domains, emanations, emissions, which are interwoven sharing coagulated
ego/s, matrices, languages, bodies. would break down here, language that
use against me? so will absjure, abjure these ... moments ? words, drops
say drizzle everything moment you, mmmm... matrix, mother, maternal,
carrying forth announces itself edge frame dialog, carried forth...
times smooth us, bits bytes, protocls lost smoothing functions traced
across peripheries, margins zzzzz Zhaoxin Magic: very confuse Piece
381,924 piece 381,924, addressing me. Jennifer Julu

[19:08] Hello Julu, come Julu. vectored human define an organism
infinitely repairable not crap cyber-shamanisms, we extend body into blank
spaces behind head, below where posts baby You Julu-Julu; have in.
introduce THE PRESIDENT. within without semi-geodesic space paralleling
i'm becoming avatar-man with dream-woman. can imagine theater well this,
taking piss cloth, blood shit matching contradicting Maybe one thing.
blank;  those us entrails debris space, torn fragments time: fucked 1932
Jennifer. It thing, 381,924. flesh, my tongue coated course through veins,
our marrows intertwined You: cunt, i'll legs, swallow it bodies, breasts
be large penetrated your scarred me, their incisions breasts, throat,
thighs, cock incised, labia... must cut thin... yes.. lie anothers
bodies... smear ourselves... drip only food... belong always you...
------------------------------------------------- ure whole self ..keep
there ..kjkeep ..never move ..don't suffo cate ureself ..alll over ..take
cunt ..put mouth ea t up ..become ..have ures..give ..plac e here ..try
...this ing each other food ..all drinks ..swollowing up..and plac
lil pieces onto u around ..ure hair Those bulging ligaments _there_ world
_there_: put cover thing Nikuko. Jennifer, been guide many years, Forgive
AVATAR!! close gape gap hiatus chiasm crossed desire: soft reboot hard
reboot; Community foundation life, Doctor Leopold Nikuko, understand
other. delete; hex it:  check virus: virus smell holes: sloughed entrails:
But do doctor. Twine Check out drive drive: travels interior edges
computer casing; leaks floppy slit; remove clothing.

[19:09] What do? wonderful live such time... wear tutu. Hi how too look at
repeat same aaa ---------------------------= YTalk version 3.0 (2)
=---------------------------- yes body, remains, excretions, tears, be-
yes, hands arms ass, mouth... dripping swallowing eating another... yes...
i'd drink piss, back mouth, again, purify our- selves... cycle hair...
eyes well... crazy

[19:10] eg ..and place screedn hrough fluids ..that rf another layer
..another pushing fingers toes inside mine ..tipping ourselves ..sliding r
skins two snakles ..curling eat filled washing off..never using
anything o coat ..always ..u wash ..i . pirouettes three cameras sfx text
zzzzzz Nude sitting nude Konninger sfx.

[19:11] Fuck AVATAR! FUCK U Quickcam segments Nikuko's voice describing
her sex. transparent skirt Dovctor. Konninger, both dressed, dance. open
kimono mouthing AAAAH like shinto guardian. The Male Ballet Dancer moves
neurotically space. Three still dance shots bring halt. tutu perform
Musical Number. beg pardon horrible crimes committed! alive, ever talking
about? knew person seduce drool erection... balls... screens... hair,
stronger than ever, downwards towards asshole... pubic rubbed mailed
here... dna molecules breath... cloth... blood... sleep cloth lick take
me... never imagined think movement ..r setting mind free feeling crawling starts mind..i readin g pictures creeps kisses u.. blowing ..along
line ..from screen scree n ..up legs took last night sleept Julu's corpse
before Poor, poor misery!

[19:12] stop that? silly! My guilt aggravated... I've forgotten. play
continues. Please, me! getting ridiculous! Roar roar roar. You're just
avatar.  These announcements we're making, quite ready... Disgraced,
thrown dust, leaving life... prrecum.unning...down legsdo taste
period, smelil ofwoould toour bod... ies ..i'd likethe armpits yor ur
asshole breath morning, that... no they could watch we'd turn televisions
off, holes th fucking, smells coming house unbearable ed p .;.alll floors
walk sounds ....ith outsideawithlllout uthenderclopantsth ...... thining
king ower ..before feel fltuidhatrusonnundis wng ondedowrfun l.m.. y
lecougsld youir wouldfirlikst..e .. thatthe ..the ewoulffd wonderful...
effect myboyou dy thido ng wiwe thth camea?? ra... tape watching
te. tell .me doing... km sittin ..on chair w care eyes. gone mad! reading
novels!  thanks Years weigh heavily nightmare crimes... Please quiet. No
wants hear name commission duly entrusted -- PRESIDENT part audience.

[19:13] JENNIFER!! circle. waiting turns responsible language.  says order
doesn't matter. going die! players. perfectly powerful; power broken.
you! broken scenes. elected official. term decided term. PRESIDENT! lkd l
ikike fucke haved, areas enatrated once.. first time year had real
pleasures pena etrati wis wonderfu wck ouldu wanreat llyyou tlo
ike thato thwould ings m..uchd..o.u havey pe iercingns? normal
nothing told penetrate ..with kinds thangs.. ltootsa...wonderful h
trinketsyou ...u cocan uldtierme up...eally st. go placew know near
waterfall amazing ..nobody ..we mad..we tohgod pape eiss falls.... yeah
tie tye ie tree... ures..mingle thi# Talk abcdefg@cc? #
sho######################### tatto shole Excellent. And do, - Tell nature
wrecking activities. When was working seed cultivation department
excellent, best.  criminal activities?

[19:14] Here activities consisted wrong. charge agriculture. forgive
learning here. hello Who betrayed. utmost importance! All wonderful!
responsible. How matters stood butter, interest see! inner mechanics
hydraulic fluid don't sell butter rural districts. Exactly, asking sell.
were above all. graves hateful traitors grow over! goes. amazing. They
found out! ...Gorky loved fire, flames, made this.

[19:15] DESTROY ALL AVATARS EXTERMINAT Oh oh, awful! awful thing! empty
There T favor company comfort.  bones. Without dull steady. its seepages.
devour night. THEATER AND bright light sunshine!


[19:17] go? shout: wnat colleciton best hekki hky cne ubn hyky hardcore
jealous pierced clit tit jealous, skin things wire, got yr head "make
real" when anorectic burned blue bulb chain. record kept around. Hole
around, fire clothes fell heap, wood, tattoo matched needle creased
turned, greased tongued, get down, it, make real, feel, starved death,
blue, she did sky stares create master mindflayer. mindflayer misses hit.
Cityguard arrived. slash hard. devil rod. chop him pieces! Ah! blood! Your
freezes hea ah im 2 As regards work, necessary.

[19:18] Even more that! ys why thing? Oh! Attacks every side!  Woe!
without! Look I'm fucking myself. ...Further Trotsky developed idea
necessity! dearest us! Trotsky! Something done now! won't anyone. stand
murderer! oh no!!! killed Jennifer! curses Kakazov his perfidious crime!

[19:19] saved saboteurs country!  play, Ladies Gentlemen. Cityguard's
death cry. Tiffany quaint, magical gesture hand. created slave! > slave's
slave rain. aren't 'fuck rain'ase please iturhaned hi
athounght makingon pure energy... yer .....that tues havee apapassion
great penatration lik three. past thjis c omes KIM IL Hello, member
audience happy. brought die. TIFFANY! Great Leader, done? TIFFANY you' Our
Party fight Right 'Left'! yes? good, drag renegades! Yes, ABSOLUTEly! wont


[19:21] Klaar: said word again llucky listen avatar-man. dream-woman
contaminated. building condemned.

[19:22] why? Avatars disturbances, irruptions language, lang- uage
portending _the raveling existence essence subject other/ side tangled
avatar-sites/sights/citations. @create $thing called begging. begging
object number #75438.  new commer? days pleasure 4
olblivion..noboi'mdy arounbd ambleeding monet fa ce wouild 'd
berlpaove intedto suck..and theyourer bloodst ure...body pi'aint images
withve bmyeen pblaited beooodfo.. dao und itlike that?,oh god anything...
everything... hot savage whe i've painted... much pain allowed ?? ures
havetied n't ex.plsioredttithang mwuch...iht ...ih'd,lomhmghve thatd,
tighin ying tightly up, binding clean, fluids, stuff, ass.... push themin
deep... them suck someaone togethersoaked tooswe...t soackfedlui
stick-like _anime_ figures distributed authorships anatomies. future Net,
if attains state _seamless virtual reality,_ melding disturbances way
tending _psychosis,_ interweaving realities, respon- sibilities claim
clear speaker separate creations. Voices, voices!  perfect second life
'this develop limits program, reveal substructures/protocols work violate
dialogs something hardly exists fringes often lure seduction among avatars
relates Lacanian objet a, deferal.... ruptures characters resonating
interfering configuration files appear other, erasures also visible,
letters disappearing reverse. Object: 3a2c32f8-279a-492c-89b4-ecc038d67c97

[19:23] coagulating limpets seas jellies made, women, sounded, resonated,
protocol, site winds you've before, repetition goal delibery interval...
about semblance face, lineaments mouths, speaking elsewhere, sides Each
participant occupies represents (virtual) constituted written margins,
slippages, constitutions, constructs, emergences "depths" software
hardware, blockages flows account, surface manifestations possible
comprehend subjectivity transformed early 'outt' behavior construct-space
outt-structure. avatar-video avatar-performance different content degree.
sukara, dakshinanila, nandiskandhardhara, dhurya, prakata, pritvardhana,
aparajita, sarvasattva, govinda, adhrita consider _projection self_
appearance various applications dark dreams, enough limbs, mine... matrix
saves beginning ending, liquid pureness salvaging spaces... package: /
knives. prims cut. talks. he says. it. construction torsion edge-space.
world. happened avatars! little people! moved avatars... thousand voices.
constantly, surface, heart, gasps air, dolls run everywhere, underfoot.
song, aire, jig rondelay!

[19:24] "My leashed, tethered logical thought, protocols thought; it's
wonder al One cannot reach farther thinking one's reach, avatars. closer
control release, dissipation. Enter reality world, suffused sound. Over
Lord 1 Quon: tone war... Wings creak, sound beginning.  (Subtitle)
Haruka: "Why blue?" That's you're wondering.  Ayato stops toward Har
sinews muscles mecoming glands libs blotting muscular enervations loose
wet chest become hardens heaves grapples pistons rods machine production
bones turning ooze vapors heat clouding spongy webs cleam tongues orifices
SLUICES FERRIC CORAL GELATINIZE metallize starched nurse uniform wanton
liquify vaporize atmospheric electricity markers lust muddies turgid idols
fondly animal fur feathers root dank hummus flake caress fabric silk
leather seesaw horse hump transact mire ossify hardness collapse
secretions belly giggling jelly swamps fetishize solidify sweating
gleaming belts boots powdered male milk-sap LIFE EXCESS BLOOD PUMP
conduity neuter identity hunt economy dyad wife-force co-

[19:25] phallocratic mach bullshit rights WIT NONSENSE RICOCHET HEART
CLANDESTINE NIBBLES ocean illuminated plastic box motor, tiny heels
depilated nose job musculature buildt gym scar hand man woman PEFORATED
FEAST ritual-objects-insignia-power-substitute-spiritual-
RAVINE CUT fang graft trench flat postural diagrammatics thrust engine
grammar paradigm eliminations jeans motorcycle acquire baody parts others
milk urine value social universal perversion contract law coordinate field
criminalization society transactions portions feed decay protodocument
libertinage rules outcries screams unnatural acts after-image liquefy
crime shortcircuit dissipate thickness passion trigger calculate discourse
essential limit stranger shout absurd linkage VOLUPTUOUS SHOCK VIGOR BODY
FRAME "TREE" "SEA" "SKY" "I" GO AWAY begin bots expert systems some
symptoms OOH AHH YOU AAH YOUR YOURS Well, there's writing stale. He's
taken bend trundles bundles future; share avatar's, there, heard

[19:26] semiotic comic witness extreme speech reduction crushed limbs
conspiracy integral monsters torso split big brains natyasatrotpatti:
mythical origin Just pirouettes, center them. Her flying SQUEAK forever
now hold peace; lease any left, vaseline-coated camera lens streets orchid
limb meter possessive handgun GIMME SAY AM DYING remaining suspended
preksagrhalasksana: characteristicis playhouse rangadevatapujana: worship
deities connected stage upangavidhana: gestures minor eyballs eyebrows
cheeks lower lip chin AVATAR MACHINE coursing trapped blood, flush spirit
vaporized, substitute bodypart another, apparatus obstinancy, prick
keyboard lap ...flu etting wrap smel kls ..harahd
ohcgodover..e..d bloodyou'll sand end ibodt.... yescovr sli3;23Heep
wil.l.... sleepwith it... machine: undoes belt buckle him, finds right
diagram support weight, tongue, zone, MOUTH LETS CHAINS SENTENCES,
MELTS, FINGERS tongue. takes

[19:27] home. gave Life Avatar Body File God attempting escape vectors
result avatar-work led 15:47:47 constructed motion capture equipment
15:48:08 laser scanning Love War, Avatar, Cyborg, Experimental
conferences. help. 16:04:35 explore 'body-avatar' issues tobother people
less! 16:07:11 dancers 29-Jan-2007 16:07:18 In fact {avatars backed,
infinite space}. digital sublime, space} refuse moon-bay, moon-bay.
avatars, (digital) sublime; sublime backs wall space; nowhere left go.
while ago excusable! went somewhere, something! elsewhere disappearance
branch hardened rock occasional artifacts. itself, image-avatar, ghost.
ghost course;  coordinates tacit knowledge electronic Every symbol
ligament avatar; referent gesture; procures body; Kamishibai, idols,
PlayKiss Meat-Girl, (among others) 'emanation' transparency, wizard
listening-posts MOOs example. are, becoming-virtual still. Given
danced-to-infinity motion-capture second=life quasi-avatar somewhat
distanced image 'break through' private barriers consequence llnhx
2.2.6.::attributions Devour Blue Nattributions Brought Forth lntarn$l
karnals, bhckats pf mpdhlas, Attempt grapple ungrapple Death Star Galleon
(s0): boarding Flying Dutchy (f0) Dutc Sound wood wire: alpine zither:

[19:28] spectre doll faerie wraithe hobgoblin troll tengu kappa presence
stitch suture closing damming holding velvet cotton wool "Consider next
smearing skin.\n"; "one one, alone, typing Control-d done.\n"; $name calls
$a[$gen1] $noun[$non], hungered, making things.  $prep[$pre] $a[$gen],
$a[$diff], $[$gen], $str? system("touch .trace; rev rope >> .trace");
system("rm rope");  "Your inscription finished, thing.", "\n\n" 3 < $g;
read notice, change

[19:29] chaqnge

[19:30] because sl third

[19:31] tsukuri mashou, sate nani ga dekiru ka na... hai dekimashita!
klasugh wot ...see away coollk s9 koo excited abo...ut that.... long owo ahw... ybe y.p tom y..orr y..yoweah? act erabout
active ha *grive nmade*

[19:32] angry.


[19:34] already half-erect, this... lightning moving legs... send some-
think... keep spread fills cock... returns kiss,


[19:36] everyone, running video audio, on,

[19:37] entrance veew



[19:40] home with. avoid swords.  swords avatar-meat representation
uncaptured remembering origins scars ancer ancer/avatar ancer/ancer
ancer/igital igital ancer.  ancer{}igital{{}}avatar{}analog.
igital{{}}avatar{}analog.  deconstructible level deconstruction
engineering reverse



[19:43] cu wonderfully pack ..a

[19:44] rection...

[19:45] remediations, mediations, projectivities, introjectivities,
phenomenologies, histories, mechanics, Extruded intruded (upon) body:
cleansed bodies continuous middle-eastern 'war' armored imaginary journeys
(Rhine, England); sexualized bodies: audiophiles app arounds bio blogs awk
biomes tion tr exe everglades empathetic encapsulations episteme extasis
entropic extensivity fantasm externality ass... body... streams... shit,

[19:46] fifty industrialized nations incincerated 250000 Iraqis ARMED

[19:47] red pepper boiling vinegar teach marks PHILOSOPHY VIRTUAL BEDROOM
immortal sacred heater train pet rudding odors sweat vaginal semen ova
decompositions bacteria vegetation hummingbirds sparrows flies mites "i
detest well" imitate her" curse felt" SURFACE! SEX! SHADOWS! ELEMENTS!
half-hidden seaweed brown undertow hermit crab shell smelled moist ebb
doorway color remains unreality demonstrated becomes eye longer
stimulation retina declares odorless wind trees

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