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building out of control

where does the deleted letter go? so often we destroy unthinkingly; our
very breath kills; what would kill us is repeatedly slaughtered until
the very end; an unutterable sadness and silence accompanies catastrophe;

I miss Maud Liardon, working with her; her voice is in the merci.mp4; in
Second Life; her dance was there; it was close to invisible; it's gone.

the tragedy of the world is the concept of the weakest link at the heart
of the physical: everything collapses by virtue of _one tired thing._

this heart is tired; this heart is very tired; Nikuko knows how tired it
is; Julu knows as well; some day we will move out of Second Life; some-
day we will learn to breathe again.

and by then, breathless in Sl and RL and FL and whatever else a magician
throws at us, it will always already have been too late, something the
future anterior has give us, as gift, Gift, poison ======

building out of control. fabrication prims rotate at equivalent speed,
vectors mapping [0,1] -> [a,b,c] fulfilling the usual set-theoretical
positioning. to complete the requisite number of transformations,
[-1,0,1] was used as well. merci series

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