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Hysteria. A functional neurosis with abnormal sensations, emotions, or
paroxysms. H. major, hysteroepilepsy. H. minor, a mild form of the

Hysteric. Pertaining to hysteria. H. Ataxia, a hysteric state marked
by loss of sensation in the skin and in the leg muscles. H. Chorea,
a form of hysteria with choreiform movements.

Hystericoneuralgia. Like neuralgia but of hysteric origin.

Hysterics. A paroxysm of hysteria.

Hysteroepilepsy. Hysteria with epileptiform convulsions.

Hysterogenic. Causing hysteria.

Hysteroid. Resembling hysteria.

Hysteromania. Nymphomania.

Hysteropsychosis. Mental disorder with uterine disease.

Hysterotraumatism. Hysteric symptoms due to traumatism.

Railway Kidney. An affection of the kidney due to constant jar.
R. Spine. See Erichsen's Disease.

Erichsen's Disease. Railway spine; railway brain. A train of symptoms
following accident, which may assume the form of traumatic hysteria,
neurasthenia, hypochondriasis, or melancholia.

Erotic. Pertaining to sexual passion.

Eroticism. Tendency to erotomania.

Erotomania. Insanity from sexual passion.

Erotopathy, Erotopathia. Perverted sexual instinct.

Perversion. The state of being turned away from the normal course.
P., Sexual, a person abnormality of the sexual instinct.

Pervert. One who has turned from the right way. P., Sexual, a
person whose sexual instincts are perverted.

from Gould's Pocket Pronouncing Medical Dictionary, 1900 edition mirage jpgs

Sometimes the software/physics of Second Life produces anomalies, chimera;
such is the case of the mirage, of one or another video stream, that
appears with subdued intensity in the surrounding sea. The stream is often
not that of the land parcel (which presents another) and equally often
runs when no video is turned on at all. These ghostlike apparitions are
avatars of avatars, emanations close to hypnagogic images, an imaginary,
all those unnerving wraiths of the uncanny. Against the scintillation of
the tantric sky, they come close to yabyum, closer still.

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