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Weight cu series

anomalies of recognition between weighted object and Julu Twine
s/he buries hir head in the sand
s/he recovers and that complicates matters of representation

the weighted object has pushed Julu Twine down into the sand
she is standing in and out of the sand and the ground deconstructs
by which Julu means that the ground is opened and oddly angled
and that the ground is not at gamespace's edge

Second Life as a lab - continues to be a lab. how long before this
set of constraints, images, geographies, bandwidths and game engine,
becomes stale, bulky, close to collapse. I will close my eyes, says
Julu, and the same things reign near & far, surely there is more to
life than this, signifiers of defuge handed down by their creator
Linden Labs and whatever whomever the associates. I will close my
eyes and will hear nothing more. Nikuko says, I hear nothing more.
chorus, that our space is tawdry in eptitude and plenitude, close to
the starved prim, all sheave-skins are alike, equivalent. chorus, it
takes few rules to deceive the eye and its rule, few rules for sight
and sound. Julu, I will continue to dwell, this defuge itself is
sufficient, this disgust, this paste. for if it were not for this,
what might emerge is (would be within) the range and reign of the
digital, now here is something different, this paste, exhaustion,
limitation. chorus, the rings no long sound their particle home.
Nikuko, the rings have absented, where are they, what fecundity has
driven them away, elsewhere. Julu, not elsewhere but absent-in-
depth, that is to say a mode not working stillborn, that is to say
the scripting has returned to dead language, that is to say nothing
to perform here in these parts. chorus, that is to say already
performed or sounded, sighted, rendered useless by a constant. Julu,
the constant of the game. Nikuko, the constant of Linden Labs,
nothing that is arbitrary or sloughed off. Julu, nothing skimmed or
spewed. Nikuko, nothing that derides-derails the protocol. Julu,
code-coding performance. chorus, who knows what we will do. Nikuko,
in response. Julu, in response. chorus, but within, not without.
chorus but within the sloughed, circumscribed the slough. Nikuko,
but in response. Julu, but in response.

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