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insane, connected

[21:08]  Connected
[21:08]  You: oh now you tell me twenty-one o-eight
[21:08]  You: and still that, there's no room left here, you can feel me
   typing, you
[21:09]  You: can hear me, does this ever change, a minute is minute just
   as a second
[21:09]  You: comes second or last, o-nine, it's given all of us room to
   breathe, there's reason
[21:09]  You: to stress insane, some other neon sign
[21:10]  You: finally the rings have made it back into arena. Julu
   shudders, stops if she could (if I tell
[21:11]  You: her to) o-ten, time's narrow wasp-like waist. Julu shudders,
   one after another, ghosts leave
[21:11]  You: eleven or one-one, you have a choice here, it's take yet
   another minute, and a second
[21:11]  You: longer. This magic bounces me back and forth, I touch your
   ball full
[21:12]  You: of penises rotating, who knows what salve or cream flows
   from every surface. I, Julu, am covered
[21:12]  You: with it, twelve, or one-two, you must watch
[21:12]  You: what you're doing, thirteen, one-three. insane jpg series

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